How to Keep Your Platform Lift Looking Great

Lift systems often get overlooked when it comes to cleaning day. They ferry heaps of people between floors every single day, which can end up building up quite a bit of mess.

Whether it’s dirt from heavy foot traffic, combined with inclement weather that leaves your floors looking well-trodden in; or the countless number of grubby fingers that leave the button controls covered in grime. Even a lesser used lift can suffer from a covering of dust that all buildings fall ...

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The Most Common Lift Faults

With every intricate machine there is the capability for a number of different things to go wrong. Take elevators for example – there are many ways for one to malfunction. Most equipment failures can be prevented with regular services and proper maintenance, but occasionally something goes wrong that requires an engineer.

Here are some of the most common elevator problems and solutions to resolve or avoid them:

  1. Worn Sheaves

When the sheaves wear down they place extra wear on the ropes, in turn ...

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