Why You Should Install A Residential Dumbwaiter

You may think that in 2018 a dumbwaiter is a dated device with no real applications in the modern world. How wrong you are. These age-old systems are still making peoples lives easier in homes across the world today.

Their simplicity simply adds to their usefulness, as there is little that can go wrong with a dumbwaiter. Why are more homeowners having them installed? What are the benefits and what are the potential possibilities a dumbwaiter would afford me and my ...

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The secret uses of Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters have their origins in the lavish dessert banquets of the upper classes of the 18th Century. By the turn of the 19th Century, you could find dumbwaiters in the majority of homes across the upper and middle classes.

As well as serving wines and delicious sweets at banquets hosted by the highest rungs of society, they also protected secrets. In the drawing rooms of elegant houses, social climbers and families of incredible industrial wealth would use this time after feasting ...

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