Modernising An Existing Lift: Part 2

Modernisation is an important aspect in making older-model lifts compliant with modern day regulations. Lift technology is advancing all the time, with some of these advancements being necessary to public safety as well as making sure lifts are energy efficient and economically efficient.

It is easy to spot when a lift is outdated; they look worn out and dilapidated, they don’t operate smoothly and sometimes they can be quite dangerous to those that use them. With advancements in modernisation techniques being ...

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Guidelines On Modernising An Existing Lift

As our city spaces become more condensed, the need for vertical lift travel becomes more and more necessary. Lifts exist in most tall buildings today; the heavy day-to-day use of these systems means that wear and tear is unfortunately inevitable.

Lifts have been installed in building for decades now. Although most existing lifts were installed to the level of technology of the time, rapid advancements in technology means some of these systems are now outdated. As long as existing lifts are ...

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