Benefits To Your Business That A Platform Lift Can Bring

There is more to making your business accessible than installing a few disabled parking spaces and placing a ramp at the front of the building. Your entire site has to be easily accessible for everyone: staff and customers alike.

Not only is it good business sense, but in the UK, it is also the law that disabled access – that is easy to use – is installed in your businesses.

Platform lifts are one of the most useful systems for ensuring your ...

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Lift Modernisation: Intercom and CCTV System

Of all the faults that can happen to a lift system, getting stuck in a lift is one of the most common panic inducing experiences for riders. If a lift breaks down with riders inside, the most common system in place is an alarm bell that riders press to inform the building managers, and engineers, that the lift has broken down with people inside.

Experience has shown that this alone isn’t the best option, especially in reassuring people within the lift ...

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