The Tallest Lifts in The World: Hundred Dragons Elevator

We use lifts so often in modern society that we are just used to them being there. We use them without thought. If you live or work in a multi storey building you are probably used to using one every single day.

Lifts have come a long way since their inception. They can now be found in a number of different settings, including offices, garages and even waterways. Some of the individual designs have achieved some incredible feats; some are so ...

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Why You Should Have A Dumbwaiter Installed By A Certified Engineer

Although dumbwaiters seem like simple systems, there are actually a lot of dangers that come with any electrical machine, especially if it is used to transport heavy loads.

There are a number of cases each year from around the world of people being injured, or even killed by dumbwaiters. Sometimes these cases are from improper use of the dumbwaiter, but sometimes they occur from faulty devices that are incorrectly installed.

It is tempting for businesses – small businesses especially – to try ...

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Could A Lift Be The Answer To Fire Evacuation?

In the event of a fire, it is common knowledge that you should use the stairs and shouldn’t use any type of lift system to evacuate the building. Some lift companies have been looking at the possibility of occupant-evacuation lifts that could be used in the event of an emergency. These systems could increase the efficiency and safety of evacuation procedures across the world.

Current Procedures

Since the 1970’s, lifts have not been available during the event of a fire after cases ...

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How Can Disabled Access Lifts Change Lives?

Without specially designed systems in place for those with disabilities, life can be tough. Some disabilities make it difficult for people to move around their own homes, so being able to leave their home and carry on their everyday lives can be almost impossible without assistance.

The home is the first place that can be easily retrofitted to make life easier for those suffering form mobility issues. Stair lifts and platform lift designs are so varied that they can be fitted ...

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“Greetings Earth Person”: China’s Answer To The Dumbwaiter

If robots really are set to take over the world, they’re starting by taking over the restaurant. China has a new answer to the dumbwaiter in the form of robot waiters, that join the staff at their completely digital Robot Restaurant in downtown Harbin.

After being greeted at the door by the host with a cheery “Greeting earth person! Welcome to Robot Restaurant” the robot host seats you where you will be joined by your robot server who will take your ...

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