A great way to save you money – and the environment! – Lift Companies


Published on: 19-08-2015

Businesses are always looking to save money where they can, without compromising the quality of the product or service they’re providing to their customers of course. Energy saving lifts are a fantastic way to save a company a large chunk of money and allow them to operate in an eco-friendly way.

A busy building means a lift that will be in near constant use which also means high operational costs. Lifts tend to use up a lot of electricity! However, switching to energy saving lifts can dramatically reduce energy consumption. As an eco-conscious lift company, we actively promote energy saving lifts and do our bit to help the environment.

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Crucially, there is a way to have high specification, fully-functional lifts that are also energy efficient. As we combat climate change and head towards a future where our energy sources are depleting, this has never been more important.

Our energy saving lifts have low energy LED lights, instead of halogen or other common types of lighting, which help to keep energy consumption down, as well as a built in hibernate/standby mode that kicks in when the lift is not in use. The energy saving lifts also has regenerative drive systems that feed energy back to the network for a truly eco-conscious lift system.

Sheridan’s energy saving lifts are all BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) compliant and no other lift company offers more energy efficient lifts on the UK market.