A Hair-Raising Experience

By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 05-06-2013

It’s make or break time. You are running as fast as you can for the bus-which is miraculously early for a change-and seconds count. You have to make a good impression on your first day at work and cannot afford to be late. Everything has been going according to plan so far, so your good fortune cannot last for long. Suit newly ironed, shirt cleanly pressed, shoes so shiny that you can see your perfectly made-up face in them-you look and feel fantastic, albeit a little bit nervous. The bus starts to pull off even though the driver saw you waving frantically for it to stop. This is where it starts to unravel quite spectacularly.

Finally, after what seems like an age, you make it to the building-but the office is on the fifteenth floor of what seems like the world’s tallest edifice. It makes the Hilton look like a Lilliput Lane house in comparison-a looming, towering object dominating the skyline. Not to worry-there is a sleek and stylish elevator that can whizz up to the top floor effortlessly. You step into the lift and make your way up towards your final destination. However, there is bad news still to come, unfortunately. The lift stops stationary between the thirteenth and fourteenth floors and the lights go out. You are completely and utterly stuck.

Now, if Sheridan Lifts had been involved then you would have been up and moving in a jiffy, as we are a household name when it comes to lift repair services and carry out all lift planning and maintenance tasks with consummate ease. If an elevator is rickety and rusty then it needs to be seen to immediately and be taken care of by lift refurbishment specialists. Shoddy lift repair work can result in potentially dangerous and hazardous consequences, which is neither use nor ornament to anyone.  Our lift planning solutions are meticulously and methodically devised by skilled and seasoned specialists who know all the tricks of the trade and we deal with such a wide variety of different makes and models. From construction companies to councils; schools to hospitals; our clients come from all walks of life. With over 33 years’ experience in the lift refurbishment and installation industry, we can teach these new kids on the block a thing or two about fast, efficient lift repair and what it entails. It’s all well and good talking the talk, but walking the walk is a different thing entirely.

Lift repair, maintenance and development is our speciality at Sheridan Lifts-for a free consultation give us a call on 0161 203 6299 today and we will be happy to discuss things further.