Britain’s Tallest Lift

For most of us, we will go our entire lives only riding elevators up and down a few floors at a time. Most of us couldn’t even answer the question of where the UK’s tallest lift is.

Unless, maybe, you’re from Kirklees in West Yorkshire. The Emley Moor Transmitting Station is the UK’s tallest free-standing structure, standing at a whopping 1,084ft. The Emley Moor Station Tower is actually the 4th tallest tower in the European Union, eclipsing the Shard’s 1,014ft by a whole 70ft. Contained within this tower, is Britain’s tallest lift.

To travel to the top of the Station Tower takes a huge feat of engineering. The lift system that transports passengers to the top floor is one to make the nerves tremble and to whiten the knuckles. Anyone brave enough to take the ride to the top will endure an 8-minute, nail-biting journey.

The Emley Moor Transmitting Station may not be high on many people’s must-see destinations, and very few know its name, but the tower stands as the 23rd tallest tower in the entire world – which is no small achievement. As the main UHF transmitter site for most of Yorkshire, and home to Arqiva’s landmark concrete tower, Emley Moor Station is the main national operations base for the ex-NTL Broadcast division of Arqiva, with the responsibility of remotely monitoring their entire UK broadcast transmitter network.

If you get the chance to ride the elevator to the top you will be rewarded with 40 miles of spectacular Pennine views. To put the height of the lift into perspective, the tower is more than six times taller than Trafalgar Square’s Nelson’s Column.

The lift is a commendable innovation and a lot of praise must go to the engineers that constantly innovate with lift systems to create such wonders. Lifts are changing dramatically with evolving times and lift maintenance and design must keep up with those changes

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