Caught Red-Handed

By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 07-08-2013

Playing pranks on your work friends is all part and parcel of working in a large office space. You steal their staplers, nick their pens and move their seats; all in the name of fun, of course! It is never your intention to hurt their feelings, as you just want a little bit of respite from the endless phone calls which you have to make to customers who quite clearly do not want to be disturbed on a Friday evening. Selling phone packages is extremely difficult when you know that people would rather be left alone, and therefore you need a bit of light entertainment to while away the hours before home time. There is always one particular individual who ends up becoming the scapegoat and they are always the main recipient of tomfoolery and shenanigans. You cannot help but laugh as they scrabble around trying to locate their headset to no avail. Call centre life can be really rather dreary, and if it wasn’t for the atmosphere and camaraderie in the workplace then you would have up and left a good while ago. Sure; there has been an influx of new, enthusiastic staff in the last few weeks but after a short period of time they too will feel run-down and lacklustre. To welcome these fresh faces your company has decided to give the elevator a much-needed upgrade, so you can at least travel to the third floor without being stuck in the lift yet again, waiting for the repair men to come out and fix it.

Lift repairs from Sheridan Lifts are speedy and efficient, and we have been instrumental in the lift servicing industry for over 33 years. You can opt for a completely bespoke lift repair package or instead choose from one of our fantastic premium deals. Standard lift maintenance contracts are perfect if you only want minor adjustments made such as cleaning equipment, replacement of faulty bulbs and a 3 hour emergency breakdown call out service. For more major lift repairs it would be prudent to plump for intermediate or even comprehensive lift maintenance contracts as it is sometimes better to get a full refit done as the age, type and usage of a particular elevator is taken into consideration and then we devise a comprehensive plan of action based on our findings. All works and parts are guaranteed for 12 months, so a lift only needs to be assessed annually as opposed to quarterly.  We compose detailed energy saving reports as part of the lift installation procedure and make sure that we adhere to strict guidelines and regulations. For more information just call Sheridan Lifts on 0161 223 6299 and one of our team will go through things with you step-by-step.

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