Need a lift?


Published on: 05-06-2015

When you see an image like the one below, you could be forgiven for thinking it was something that could only be found in a fictional action film. Admittedly it does look like something Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne would have in their estate but in fact, car lifts are more common than you think.

Car Lifts

Car lifts are the revolutionary method of transporting vehicles between different floors in apartment blocks or homes with underground parking. You can be hard pressed to find a lift company that specialises in installing, maintaining, repairing and modernising car lifts but thankfully, Sheridan Lifts is one such company!

Here at Sheridan Lifts we guarantee reliable, efficient, economical and high quality car lifts that are 100% safe for both passengers and the very precious cargo!

Our state of the art technology allows our car lifts to hold even the heaviest vehicles and we have dedicated engineers who can install car lifts into your building, and then come and perform routine lift maintenance to ensure the car lifts are always operating as smoothly as possible. Sadly we don’t provide a car to go in any of our car lifts – that’s your job!

To enquire about our car lifts or any of our other services please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Sheridan Lifts.