Sheridans Lifts Towering above The Rest

By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 05-12-2013

Sheridan Lifts Win Contract to Replace Lifts in Newton Heath Tower Blocks

Manchester based Lift firm are delighted to announce themselves as the preferred Lift company to supply and install new lifts in a existing Tower block, in Newton Heath. This is particularly satisfying as Sheridan’s are probably the most recognised local Lift service company in Manchester employing local people.

The works will is set to start in January and will be completed by August of 2014. As well as installing the new high speed lifts, Sheridan’s will be responsible for the complete building works for the project.

As the building is occupied this will make this project a challenging one that Sheridan’s are looking forward too.One lift will remain in service throughout the project, to ensure the building remains functional whilst the works are carried out. As with any Tower block, the Lifts are very important and Sheridan’s will have the building covered 24/7 on high response times should this be required.Sheridan’s Head office is only 5 minutes from the Tower Block. A great result for a Local company using local employment for our Local Housing organisation. Perfect result!!Whilst Sheridan’s are Installing Lifts the length & Breadth of the Country, we are very proud to be the number 1 Lift Company operating out of Manchester, at the root of our organisation. Whilst some property managers are working very hard with reduced budgets in both the private and public sector, Sheridan Lifts are always looking for better ways to provide our clients on a financial front with many monetary plans to accommodate most capital expenditure requirements.For 2014, Sheridan Lift services have a new operational building with state of the art facilities.

As well as investing in the hardware of the firm; we believe our staff has a first class working environment. As the economy starts to move in the right direction Sheridan Lifts refurbishment Department is surging. Small modernisations that were delayed due to the difficult economic conditions are now being carried out.On behalf of Sheridan may we take this opportunity to wish all the clients, we maintain a very happy Christmas & prosperous New Year.