Thank God for Lifts


Published on: 08-03-2017

Today’s blog is dedicated to lift appreciation. Rarely do we give credit where it is due to these reality based equivalents to a flying carpet – the magnificent machines that transport us from the ground floor to the 40th floor in a matter of seconds. Instead all we do is grumble and gripe; yes the lift doesn’t smell like a bed of roses when five of the world’s sweatiest humans decide to ram themselves in there all at once nor does it feel all to safe when the creepy cat lady from upstairs offers to show you her pussy, but we cannot hold the lift responsible!

Aside from being the gravity defying beast that the lift is, it can also be quite the aesthetically delightful device. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most creative lifts..


Coca Cola Can Lift – Las Vegas

Only in America eh.



Mercedes Benz Museum – Stuttgart, Germany

Marriott Marquis – New York


Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship

Titanic-esque, is it not?


IM Pei Louvre Elevator – Paris, France


Radisson Blu Hotel – Berlin, Germany

Boasting a built-in aquarium and one of the fastest lift speeds in the world.. Can you say joy ride?

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