The Benefits of a Dumbwaiter

Here at Sheridan Lifts we are big believers in the benefits that can be gained from an elevator related investment. After all, elevators are not only there for those who dislike climbing the stairs; they are also a vital part of the hospitality industry. In fact, many industries couldn’t survive without them because they make day-to-day operation much simpler. Read on to find out a few benefits that a dumbwaiter can provide…

Low Risk of Injury

When a dumbwaiter is installed inside the hospitality industry it means that the staff do not have to spend their time carrying heavy loads up and down the stairs of a building. After all, this can have a negative impact over the years as many service industry members tend to suffer from back problems later in life. Whilst being on your feet all day isn’t good for your back too, the implementation of dumbwaiters reduces the risk of injury and removes some of the strain.


It would take staff much longer to climb up and down the stairs delivering the stock where it needs to go without a dumbwaiter in place, especially in a hotel. Luckily, having a dumbwaiter in place is incredibly efficient and means that the amount of time spent walking around is reduced considerably. In addition to this, since staff are able to get their job done at a much faster pace, dumbwaiters can also increase productivity too.

Low Maintenance

When they are well cared for, dumbwaiters can be a trusty addition to any industry. After all, they are known for their low maintenance guarantee and this is an important characteristic for a piece of machinery to have in the service industry as the last thing that staff want to deal with is a faulty dumbwaiter during a busy shift.

As the experts in the industry, the team here at Sheridan Lifts take great pride in our range of dumbwaiters! After all, without high quality service lifts, many industries like schools, hospitals, retirement homes and hotels wouldn’t be able to cope with the pressure of mass producing and delivering food. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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