Tonight on BBC1 – DIY SOS Veteran Special


Published on: 21-10-2015

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BBC1’s DIY SOS Veteran Special

As you may or may not be aware, Sheridan lifts were selected as the one lift company to be a part of the most recent saga for the BBC series, “DIY SOS” Veteran Special in Manchester. As our contribution, we donated a platform lift for one of the houses.

The show has turned a rundown street into a small, appealing community for its existing residents and now housed ex-army veterans. A community hub has been provided for our soldiers discharged for medical conditions concluding their military career, offering a career centre and ongoing future support.

The show has enabled us here at Sheridan Lifts to give back to one particularly brave veteran who is a triple amputee, losing both his legs and one arm as an unfortunate result of his service to our country.

Fortunately for us, we should hopefully never have to go through such loss and pain and it is due to the sacrifice of service men and women like this that we can be assured safety for our country. We could never repay this man’s bravery and sacrifice; however by providing this lift, we have played a very small part in giving him the freedom to live as normal a life as possible. This young man will now be able to accompany his children to bed at night, read them stories, take part in bath time and even look outside an upstairs window… All things we take for granted.

The show we are featured in is set to air tonight at 8pm. It would be really great if you could tune in and see how this man’s and the other Veteran’s worlds have been refreshed and re-instated to a decent standard.

You may even spot some of our hardworking team on site; however you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled as we installed a 2 storey platform lift in less than 5 hours! We even got the lift manufactured and to site within 3 weeks and that included a bespoke design to suit this amazing man!

As always, Sheridan Lifts has it doors open for all your lift needs 24/7, 365.  We are the complete lift company, any projects you may be working on or up to, we are at hand to assist right through from design up to programme completion.