So we’ve seen it on TV…What actually IS Thanksgiving?


Published on: 23-11-2017



In ancient times, 1621 to name the year, Pilgrims shared the product of a hearty harvest with the Native Americans. They celebrated together with a huge feast!

In the US Thanksgiving is the official celebration that kicks off the festive season. Fairly young a holiday, congress approved Thanksgiving in 1941 – two years later than President Roosevelt put it forward as an official holiday.


?More people celebrate Thanksgiving than Christmas!

-This is because it’s a secular holiday, meaning that it has no religious affiliation.

In the UK

Some non-religious people in the UK choose to celebrate Thanksgiving instead of Christmas!

You might remember from school you would have a Harvest Day. Bringing in tinned goods to donate to the homeless. This is our way to celebrate harvest and togetherness closer to home, like the Pilgrims and Native Americans did.

Kindness and togetherness are massive themes of Thanksgiving and of course Christmas, hence millions of us flocking home to be with our loved ones and exchange gifts each year.


? The first Thanksgiving was comprised of a feast of deer, goose, lobster and cod and lasted for three whole days!

So why Turkey?

Turkeys are a native bird of North America and so ancient settlers wouldn’t  have had to travel far to bag themselves a juicy one! Gobble Gobble!

Presidential Pardon

In America, a Presidential Pardon is when the president  has the authority to “grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States”.

At Thanksgiving it is traditional for the President to grant ‘pardon’ to a Turkey. This is a compassionate act and a celebration of kindness in the name of Thanksgiving.

? JFK was the first president to ever spare a turkey!

This year Donald Trump will pardon a turkey – Gobble gobble!

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