The Future is Here: Lift Tech

The future of vertical transportation is here – and its horizontal!


The Power Of Magnets

In our blog The Power of Magnets, we explain how lift technology is being revolutionised by magnetic methods that allow lifts to move from side to side.

That seemed like but a dream back then. But next week, the lift company behind it will be unveiling to ...

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3 reasons to install a glass lift

Glass lifts are becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why. They can be a stunning addition to your building combining functionality and style. If you’re not sold on glass lifts let us give you three reasons you should install a glass lift in your building.

  • glass lifts are a work of art in themselves

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, glass lifts are absolutely beautiful. By installing a glass lift, not only are you giving ...

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Why you need platform lifts

If platform lifts are something you’ve never considered then we are here to tell you why you should. Not only are platform lifts extremely beneficial to businesses and their buildings, sometimes, they are a necessity.

Platform lifts offer easy mobility solutions to any and all visitors as well as members of staff, to access all areas of the building. If you have personnel that require the use of a wheelchair, then often, platform lifts are the only option to ensure your ...

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5 reasons to think about lift maintenance

When it comes to lifts, many building managers will think give a lot of thought to the initial lift installation and then forget about their lift until a problem arises. Then they are forced to think about lift repairs. However, there is a vital step in the middle that gets forgotten about; lift maintenance.

lift maintenance

It’s a common misconception that lifts break down frequently and there’s nothing that can be done about it. ...

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There’s a change a’coming

We’re sure everyone feels awkward when you have to wait for a lift to come. You push the button and wait for the ride to arrive but in the meantime, a crowd of people have gathered to wait with you. Do you make small talk? Do you just stand there in silence?

It may not seem like a massive inconvenience, waiting for a lift, but Research out of Columbia University showed that office workers in New York spent a cumulative 16.6 ...

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Tonight on BBC1 – DIY SOS Veteran Special

As you may or may not be aware, Sheridan lifts were selected as the one lift company to be a part of the most recent saga for the BBC series, “DIY SOS” Veteran Special in Manchester. As our contribution, we donated a platform lift for one of the houses.

The show has turned a rundown street into a small, appealing community for its existing residents and now housed ex-army veterans. A community hub has been provided for our soldiers discharged for ...

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Ding dong!

When you think about designing passenger lifts there are so many things you have to take into account. The space you have to work with, the design and décor of your building and what the lift will be used for are all factors that need to be addressed; you can then design, plan and install your lift accordingly.

However, there’s one thing that probably gets pushed down the bottom of the list when designing passenger lifts, and that’s the chime. A ...

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Providing the platform

We hope you all managed to watch last night’s episode of DIY SOS which showed the work that has been done to create a community for veterans here in Manchester. As you’re all well aware, Sheridan Lifts was the chosen lift company to install one of our platform lifts for a triple-amputee veteran.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to give you a bit more information regarding our platform lifts and why they’re so important.

Platform lifts can be installed in both ...

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Why choose us as your lift company?

We know we’re not the only lift company out there, but we really do believe we are the best. In this blog post we’d like to tell you a little bit about us and what makes us stand out. Hopefully by being more informed, you’ll see why you should choose us as your lift company.

We are a local, family company that spans three generations. Founded in 1979 by Stanley Sheridan, we have gained over 35 years of experience within the ...

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You can lead ducks to water but you can’t lead them out of a lift…

You can lead ducks to water but you can’t lead them out of a lift…

What do you do when you’re dreading a big game? Get stuck in your team hotel’s lift of course! That’s what happened to an American Football team in Oregon before a game with Colorado. Of course, we don’t think they intentionally wanted to get stuck in a lift and in fact, they did go on to win the game so maybe this could be a new pre-match ritual for luck? We bet Manchester United wished they’d got stuck in a ...

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