UK Construction Week 2015 – Lift Companies

Sheridan Lifts are delighted to announce that next month we are participating in UK Construction Week 2015. On the 6th, 7th and 8th October you can find Sheridan Lifts at The NEC Birmingham, at stand number B4/313 in the Build Show Hall.

UK Construction Week is a newly launched event organised by Media 10, The UK’s biggest design and build event company. Spanning five halls of the NEC and including nine shows specific to the UK construction industry, the week is ...

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Sheridan lifts can take you to another level – Lift Company

We are all aware of what disability discrimination is and how there is strictly no place for it. But did you know that as an employer or a business, you may be discriminating without realising it? It’s important to keep up to date with the appropriate rules and regulations concerning disability discrimination.

As an employer you are required to make reasonable adjustments to the workplace to allow disabled employees to work or to continue to work. One way to make sure ...

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The perfect passenger lifts for you – Lift Companies

Being in the lift business, you have to change and adapt as new technologies and practices emerge. That’s exactly what we’ve done here at Sheridan Lifts and it has enabled us to be at the forefront of the passenger lifts industry. Our lift company has designed and developed a range of passenger lifts products to suit your needs and requirements. We are the leading lift company on lift installation in the North West.

When choosing passenger lifts for your building you ...

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DIY SOS & Sheridan Lifts

Sheridan Lifts are delighted to announce our involvement in the BBC show DIY SOS helping to transform empty houses into a community for former military personnel.

The project, which will see a brand new veteran’s village emerge in Milesplatting, has called upon various local traders, builders, joiners and fitters to help and Sheridan Lifts are delighted to have donated the lift and labour for this project. We will be installing the top of the range platform lift needed for the project.

Some ...

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Space elevator – Lift Companies

When you were a kid did you ever think “instead of flying to the moon, why can’t we build a really tall lift?” It’s a thought most children have had and that most parents have scoffed at, but now a Canadian firm has produced a patent for a “space elevator.”

The innovative lift would shoot cargo 12.4 miles into the stratosphere and launched from there more easily. It will be a tremendous cost saver as shuttle wouldn’t need to carry as ...

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A great way to save you money – and the environment! – Lift Companies

Businesses are always looking to save money where they can, without compromising the quality of the product or service they’re providing to their customers of course. Energy saving lifts are a fantastic way to save a company a large chunk of money and allow them to operate in an eco-friendly way.

A busy building means a lift that will be in near constant use which also means high operational costs. Lifts tend to use up a lot of electricity! However, switching ...

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Not a company who will be monkeying around – Lift Companies

The old saying goes that if you pay peanuts then you get monkeys; meaning if you don’t pay very much then you aren’t going to get a very good job done! It is a philosophy we live by here at Sheridan Lifts. We believe that if you go for the low-budget option then you’re going to get an inferior product, inferior service and an inferior company.

Here at Sheridan Lifts, whether we’re completing a new lift installation, a lift repair or ...

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A lift with a view and a half – Lift Companies

If you’re going to hold the record for being the world’s tallest outdoor lift then you really should have the word “long” in your name, just like the amazing Bailong Elevator in Hunan, China. The Guinness World Record holding lift stands at 326m and is in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

Over half of the lift (171.4m) is above ground and is built onto the side of a quartzite cliff. Passengers who dare to ride the spine tingling lift are treated ...

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Looking for a complete service? – Lift Company

As a lift company there are three main facets to our business. These are:

  • Lift Installations
  • Lift Modernisation & Upgrades
  • Lift Maintenance & Repair

This means we are an all-encompassing lift company and can tackle any lift job with confidence and ease. For over 30 years our family-run business has been one of the leading lift companies in the North West and across the rest of the UK. Whilst we are based in Manchester we regularly travel the length and breadth of the country ...

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Access for all – Lift Company

We live in an age that is all about equality. And that’s the way it should be! No matter your race, gender, sexual preference or physical capabilities the world and all it has to offer should be readily available for all.

Around one in 20 children are disabled, one in seven working age adults and almost one in two people over state-pension age in the UK. The Equality Act 2010 states that there is a requirement to make reasonable changes to ...

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