Could A Lift Be The Answer To Fire Evacuation?

In the event of a fire, it is common knowledge that you should use the stairs and shouldn’t use any type of lift system to evacuate the building. Some lift companies have been looking at the possibility of occupant-evacuation lifts that could be used in the event of an emergency. These systems could increase the efficiency and safety of evacuation procedures across the world.

Current Procedures

Since the 1970’s, lifts have not been available during the event of a fire after cases ...

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How Can Disabled Access Lifts Change Lives?

Without specially designed systems in place for those with disabilities, life can be tough. Some disabilities make it difficult for people to move around their own homes, so being able to leave their home and carry on their everyday lives can be almost impossible without assistance.

The home is the first place that can be easily retrofitted to make life easier for those suffering form mobility issues. Stair lifts and platform lift designs are so varied that they can be fitted ...

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“Greetings Earth Person”: China’s Answer To The Dumbwaiter

If robots really are set to take over the world, they’re starting by taking over the restaurant. China has a new answer to the dumbwaiter in the form of robot waiters, that join the staff at their completely digital Robot Restaurant in downtown Harbin.

After being greeted at the door by the host with a cheery “Greeting earth person! Welcome to Robot Restaurant” the robot host seats you where you will be joined by your robot server who will take your ...

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Predictions For The UK Elevator Industry By 2022

According to recent research from TechSci – thanks to increased urbanisation, the successful construction industry and growing government initiatives to improve mobility and accessibility to the disabled and elderly – the market for UK elevators is set to grow at 6.5% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through to 2022.

These findings are backed by improving living standards, rising security concerns in commercial and residential complexes and a growing demand for smart elevators that come equipped with automated access control systems.

UK elevator ...

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Lift Company Responsibilities and Regulations

The manufacture and installation of lift systems is highly regulated in the UK to ensure safety measures are met and ongoing services are adhered to. Any company that installs, manufactures or imports lifts must comply with the Lifts Regulations 1997, as amended by the UK Supply of Machinery Regulations 2008.

These regulations are in place to oversee the safety of any lift system that travels faster than 0.15 metres per second. Designs must meet the safety requirements, as well as their ...

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How an original Dumbwaiter worked

If you placed the very first dumbwaiter alongside a modern dumbwaiter, the differences, and the similarities in the design would be quite staggering. Technological advances in dumbwaiters have come a long way; most modern designs come with a huge range of additional extras, but the system still performs the same function as the very first – moving items between floors quickly, and easily.

Today we are going to take a look at a simple dumbwaiter construction that any budding DIY enthusiast ...

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Top Tips For Platform Lift Maintenance

A badly maintained platform lift is a recipe for disaster; lift accidents can be dangerous – if not fatal.

It is vital that when a business invests in a platform lift that they understand that the instalment of the system isn’t the end of the story. With all heavy equipment, good safety practices need to be adhered to, to ensure accidents are avoided. Good maintenance will make sure your lift lasts longer and guarantee that users are safe.

The fact that platform ...

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Benefits To Your Business That A Platform Lift Can Bring

There is more to making your business accessible than installing a few disabled parking spaces and placing a ramp at the front of the building. Your entire site has to be easily accessible for everyone: staff and customers alike.

Not only is it good business sense, but in the UK, it is also the law that disabled access – that is easy to use – is installed in your businesses.

Platform lifts are one of the most useful systems for ensuring your ...

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Lift Modernisation: Intercom and CCTV System

Of all the faults that can happen to a lift system, getting stuck in a lift is one of the most common panic inducing experiences for riders. If a lift breaks down with riders inside, the most common system in place is an alarm bell that riders press to inform the building managers, and engineers, that the lift has broken down with people inside.

Experience has shown that this alone isn’t the best option, especially in reassuring people within the lift ...

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How Much Will A Platform Lift Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no flat rate for having a platform lift installed, as each system must be designed specifically to fit each building. Buying a lift is a process of identifying the model, then adding options, before finally looking at the ongoing cost of ownership.

To assess how much a platform lift will realistically cost your business, we can split the costs in to two main categories; the cost of the lift itself, plus the cost of the building works required ...

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