Beam me up to the second level Scotty!

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we have been installing disabled lifts in people’s homes for a number of years now. As a lift company, we think it’s important that people have the freedom to move about their home as they wish, even if they are physically unable to keep up with the demand that it puts on their body. As we get older, we all have a little trouble getting around as well as we did when we were 25 years ...

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Toilet emergency

Ever been in a lift and been dying to use the toilet? It’s probably happened to most of us, but what about being trapped in a lift for hours due to an earthquake and really needing to go? It might sound like your worst nightmare but it’s what happens in Japan quite a lot due to their frequent powerful earthquakes. The most recent was a 7.8 magnitude quake on Saturday where 14 lifts were trapped between storeys.

Now, officials are thinking ...

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The things that are caught on CCTV

A man in South Korea cheated death this month when the lift he stepped into almost cut him in half! The whole thing was caught on the lift CCTV. As the man steps into the lift the whole thing continues to move upwards and he hangs half in and half out of the lift. He clings on unsure what to do, whether to pull himself into the space or to try and push himself back out? As the lift becomes ...

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A brief encounter

What’s the most awkward lift encounter you’ve ever had? Was it maybe with a co-worker who you don’t get on with? A neighbour who you don‘t get on with? Or maybe even an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who you haven’t seen for a while?

For one man, his most awkward lift experience was probably when he robbed a poor 77-year-old woman of her handbag and then couldn’t get out of the lift. Very awkward indeed. Thankfully, the victim wasn’t harmed and even ...

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Could you really survive an elevator fall?

There are numerous sources of advice and tips on how to survive an elevator fall or accident, but are any of the guides actually accurate? We’ve all probably heard the little nugget of advice that, in the event of an elevator you are travelling in free-falling, you should jump up at the very last second before impact and you’ll be unharmed. But this has proven to be unhelpful advice as it doesn’t actually work (it was proven false on MythBusters!) ...

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Raising the accessibility with platform lifts

Most buildings nowadays, unless there is a particular exception, need to be readily and easily accessible for wheelchair users. A great way to ensure your building has the correct disabled access is through platform lifts.

Platform lifts are great because they require minimal disruption and fuss to install and don’t require you to make significant amendments and alterations to the layout of your building. Of course, any kind of lift installation is going to require a certain amount of upheaval but ...

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Dumbwaiters living up to their name

So we all know that dumbwaiters are small lifts that are used to transport food items in places such as restaurants and hotels, but it was a case of a “dumb waiter” one Christmas Day when a member of staff in a pub, here in the UK, thought, after a few too many eggnogs no doubt, that it would be wise to crawl into the dumbwaiter shaft!

No matter how small you are to be able to fit in one of ...

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Sheridan Lifts

Twelve months ago Sheridan Lifts invested into the local communities of Manchester and recruited an 18 strong amateur football team.

This offered additional team building to Sheridan Lifts employees but also, community support in the surrounding areas of Manchester.

The idea behind it was to focus young men on a sport they enjoyed whilst offering an organised routine and personal fulfilment through a productive medium.

The team was an idea of Sheridan Lifts’ Director, Daniel Sheridan, and Nick Beetson, and, with the overwhelming ...

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Korea takes elevator safety very seriously

Have you ever been stuck in a lift? Not even necessarily for a long time, maybe a minute or two, or the doors failed to open on the first try? We use lifts so much these days, especially as our buildings just keep getting taller and taller, that it’s probably happened to most of us on more than one occasion. But did you ever report it if it was just a minor delay or the lift sorted itself out? Probably ...

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New York, New York

Lift rides can be at best boring, and at worst awkward. But is there anything that could make lift rides more enjoyable? Well as a lift company we thought we’d have a browse on the web and we found a pretty cool idea that is being put into action at the One World Trade Center in New York.


The new observatory is set to open atop the One World Trade Center on May 29, but the lift ride up will offer ...

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