Costing a Fortune






This little church in Springfield, America, has suffered the unfortunate consequences of having to fork out a fortune for having the privilege of a 4ft elevator installed for wheelchair users. Costs have skyrocketed by a massive 2000%; which is quite astonishing as they need to ensure that those impaired by disabilities can travel to and from the building with ease and do not want to discriminate on grounds of physical deficiency. Lift maintenance is integral for this local parish as ...

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It Can Happen to Anyone








This poor guy is the unfortunate Nick White, who was trapped in a lift for nearly two whole days. He lost his confidence and self-belief when he was left without food and water for a total of 41 hours and his life ultimately changed from there on in. Once an outgoing, extroverted individual; this gentleman transformed into a shy, retiring man who could not work for years after his traumatic ordeal. All he had done was go for a quick ...

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Women and Children First







This faded photograph depicts one of the RMS Titanic’s four elevators; three of which were situated in 1st Class, the other found in 2nd. Steerage did not have the privilege of scaling the decks by lift so had to make do with Shanks’ Pony instead (or on foot, if you want to put it more succinctly). The majestic and awe-inspiring vessel was truly a sight to behold and if you were (un)fortunate to travel on her maiden-and final-voyage then you ...

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Make a Statement











Did you know that where you stand in an elevator reflects your status in society? It is also fascinating to observe people who have an inflated sense of self-importance take centre-stage in a lift and command the largest area; normally at the back; smack-bang in the centre. Shy and retiring types normally try to keep themselves inconspicuous by hiding away in a corner and trying to avoid eye contact at all times. Those that perceive themselves as holding a more ...

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Ready to Go!










In Gloucestershire, one of the main attractions is the spacious Eastgate Shopping Centre, which is chock-a-block with outlets bursting with bargains. Everyone loves to indulge in a little retail therapy from time to time; and the city centre attracts crowds from far and wide due to its cosmopolitan nature and historical sights. The grand unveiling of two brand-spanking new passenger elevators is happening on the 1st October; with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony occurring on the 9th; and this event is ...

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Excuse Me!

We have all been found guilty of committing heinous elevator-related crimes; perhaps without even realising that we have offended. For example, if you need to take an important call and cannot hold off for 15 minutes then you ignore the angry stares from disgruntled travellers and loudly converse with your other half about what time is best to get the plumber round to fix the emersion heater. CareerBuilder recently conducted a survey on lift etiquette; asking 3,800 workers nationwide what ...

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Keep Your Distance

If you are travelling to work on public transport, then it is safe to say that you inevitably have a preferred seat on the bus, train, tram or metro. You may like to sit right at the front where it is less crowded and you can actually have a bit of breathing space or alternatively take one of the places at the back as you do not want to be disturbed by the chitter-chatter of businessmen or school kids. Most ...

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Hanging On For Dear Life







This is not exactly what you planned when you organised a family skiing holiday as all you were thinking about was hitting the slopes and warming up with a nice hot chocolate after a long, exhausting day pelting down the Alpine hills at a rate of knots. Being stuck on a chair lift for hours must be one of the most terrifying encounters one would ever have to endure, as the weather is freezing and your hands will go numb ...

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A Fashion Disaster








Have you heard about the events which occurred during New York Fashion Week? It was mildly amusing to onlookers yet those who suffered the indignity of being openly mocked whilst they waited to be rescued when the freight elevator broke down, might not have found it so funny. Some of Fashion Week’s potential disasters normally come in the form of broken heels, identikit outfits and rubbing shoulders with rivals; but nothing could have prepared a lift full of high-profile editors ...

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All by myself

“All by myself,

Don’t wanna be,

All by myself,


We all know lifts are one of the most awkward experiences that we all have to go through, but how much more awkward would you feel if all of sudden music started playing? We don’t mean ordinary, everyday music either; we’re on about playing a song that sums up your current experience in the lift. This is exactly what The QT Sydney hotel did and this most definitely takes lift ...

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