Lift Off, MEN Arena Battle for Manchester Murray V Crolla


We have Lift off, The Battle for Manchester  Murray V Crolla

It has been announced that the boxing fight of the year will take place on the 19th April at the MEN Arena. John Murray will fight Anthony crolla with the winner to get a shot at a World title fight. Whilst world title fights are the goal of any Boxer, there is more at stake for these 2 Manchester fighters.


The pair have been friends for many years, but there will ...

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Sheridan Supporting John Murray

Sheridan Lifts are very proud to be sponsoring Manchester’s Number 1 Boxer John Murray.

The fight is live on Sky Sports this Saturday night. Sheridan Lifts have a history of supporting Manchester’s Boxing Scene.

Sheridan’s were the main sponsor for terry Flanagan when he won, against all the odds on last year’s prize fighter. John has won European and world title fights in venues that include the world famous Madison Square Garden in New York a couple of years ago ...

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Lift Emergency Telephone

As part of our maintenance schedules, Sheridan lift test and monitor the emergency telephone system on every visit.

Now the fire brigade have issued a warning that trapped passengers will have to wait up to 3 hours and charged £350.00

Sheridan lifts target a 30 minute wait should a passenger get trapped in a lift we service. No charge would be levied should the lift have a Sheridan maintenance agreement in place.

So, if you don’t want to get Stan on the ...

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Lift Services


Lift Services with dedicated service schedules reduce the risk of entrapments.

All lifts should have a quality lift service schedules if you are to reduce the risk of being trapped in them. As well as good housekeeping and health & safety requirements, it provides peace of mind to the user. You would not drive your car until the red lights are on warning you to get your car serviced. Sheridan Lifts will provide you with a quality lift service. ...

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Dumbwaiters and Dumb Waiters


Faulty Towers was an iconic sitcom revolving around the day-to-day running of a hotel starring 2 characters: Basil Faulty, the owner, and his sidekick Manuel, the Brazilian waiter. The pair were often seen running up and down stairs or running through from the kitchen to the dining room with meals in the hands in a hilarious fashion.

The food they served was either wrong, too cold, too hot or fell on the floor, which often resulted in classic moments of ...

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Sheridan Lift Services win contract for NHS


Sheridan’s win contract to refurbish the lifts at the North Manchester General hospital. We are delighted to have won the contract to fully modernise the lifts at North Manchester General Hospital. This gives us particularly satisfaction as a Manchester based company. Sheridan lift services  have been wining contracts for new lift installations across the UK this year but we believe that, not only have we been Manchester’s number 1 lift company for a number of years, we are now ...

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Had too Much Turkey and need a Lift

Had too much Turkey need a lift to get of the settee.

We have had many peculiar calls at Sheridan lift services, Well yesterday we received a call today from a client asking can we provide a an engineer as he had so much Christmas dinner he needed a lift to get off the settee.  Our call staff being as helpfully as we could, try to persuade him to try and sit up and surprise surprise, after some fits ...

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Never Take A Lift From A Stranger


Never take a Lift from a Stranger

We all remember being told not take lifts from strangers. A very good piece of advice that we should never forget. At Sheridan lifts we would advise that before you consider taking out | lift services | lift upgrade | Not checking the credentials of the lift service provider is playing Russian roulette. Sheridan lift services have been providing lift services for over ...

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Sheridans Lifts Towering above The Rest

Sheridan Lifts Win Contract to Replace Lifts in Newton Heath Tower Blocks

Manchester based Lift firm are delighted to announce themselves as the preferred Lift company to supply and install new lifts in a existing Tower block, in Newton Heath. This is particularly satisfying as Sheridan’s are probably the most recognised local Lift service company in Manchester employing local people.

The ...

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Is There Life On Mars?





This is the MAVEN spacecraft; which was launched this very week and is heading off to explore the Red Planet in more detail. It will take 10 months to reach its intended destination but hopefully we will discover whether there really is life on Mars. It is an incredibly exciting time; as NASA have attempted this mission 20 times already; so we all hope that it is lucky number 21! The existence of aliens is a subject matter which has ...

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