Exceeding Expectations

Any person or business that owns a building in which a lift is present will know that it is imperative that the lift is regularly serviced. Under Lift Maintenance regulations, property owners have a duty to ensure the safety of their building’s residents and visitors.

This is where the challenging part begins though, with so many fraud companies surfacing these days how do you know who to trust? Cue Superhero soundtrack, we can help! Here at Sheridan Lifts we pride ourselves ...

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Well, that was awkward!

 Have you ever noticed that whenever you’re in a rush to get someplace, the lift is always jam-packed? And you have no choice but to stand powerlessly pressed up against some strange man that looks suspiciously like Lord Voldermort. Social etiquette tends to just fly right out of the window when in a lift; suddenly it’s okay to breathe down my neck in a serial killer fashion, or to ask me personal questions seeing as I’m trapped in ...

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Trapped in a Lift..

We all have our own fears that we privately cope with but what happens when you are made to live out your trepidation in public? For many, the thought of being trapped in a lift is all but too much to handle but for some, it was and could be a reality.

We’ve all heard of the infamous 1999 lift malfunction that left New Yorker Nicholas White, trapped in a lift for 41 hours. After taking a cigeratte break, ...

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Satisfaction Guaranteed with Sheridan Lifts

Here at Sheridan Lifts we have always prided ourselves on being able to provide our clients with an impeccable and efficient lift service. As a family run business that has been passed down through three generations, we understand the worth of each customer. And since we first started the company back in 1979, we have had heaps of practice in the elusive area of customer satisfaction. This is why you will find our lift engineers are at your beckoning call, ...

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Going Above & Beyond

From the initial tender period and consultation to the installation of the lifts, Sheridan Lifts were competent and provided the necessary skills to aid in the delivery of this major project” –  John Blackwell, Commercial Manager, Laing O’Rourke.

Here at Sheridan Lifts we aim to give you the best service and it was with this in mind that we created the Turn-key Project Management programme. We understand that the scale of time and effort invested into managing a lift installation project ...

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New Year New Lift

How many times do you get into a lift and think it won’t make it to the top floor? Or that you’ll be trapped inside for the rest of eternity? Slow moving doors, rough rides to your chosen floor and a button response time that almost make the stairs seem a desirable choice, Sheridan Lifts can help!

A complete face lift (geddit?) isn’t always necessary. Where some companies may only offer you the option of replacing the entire lift, Sheridan Lifts ...

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Snow January Blues for our Lift Services

We’re half way through what’s supposed to be the most depressing month of the year, but our Sheridan Lifts team are forever in high spirits with each other and not letting the January misery get them down. Our in-house team have been excited seeing the snow fall from their office windows, but we’re not quite sure that our lift engineers will be feeling the same if they have to travel up and down the country in it. Saying that, one ...

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Providing you with a satisfactory lift service

We know too well that repairing a lift can sometimes be very technical or extremely straight forward. Lift repairs comes as a partnership with lift refurbishment and more than likely to be a result of a classic good old wear and tear.

Our Sheridan Lifts team take pride and joy when it comes to providing any form of lift service. Our lift engineers have been trained up to be the best in our industry and there is nothing that our guys ...

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Lift Engineers and Snow…

…not a problem!

 After all the anticipation, winter has finally arrived, bringing the snow with it. Covering the majority of nationwide news stories, more and more towns/ cities throughout the UK are being affected, just not Manchester…yet! We were looking forward to building a Sheridan snowman to join the team, but we’ll just have to wait.

Although the roads are icy and covered by a layer of snow, our lift engineers will still get to you safely. We ...

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Satisfactory Lift Service

Any business claims to provide the best level of service, but how many of them actually do? Here at Sheridan Lifts, we do as we say. We have written everywhere about the level of our customer and lift service, but these words aren’t from us trying to big ourselves up, it’s from what our clients have been telling us for over 30 years now.  Our clients range from small businesses to large blue chip organisations, but this doesn’t mean that the level of service ...

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