Follow the Leader


There is a rather interesting programme being broadcasted on Channel 4, which documents how people behave if they are put in an awkward situation. ‘Eye-Spy’ has proved to be a huge ratings hit, as everyone seems to act differently if they are placed in a position where they have to either do the decent thing or else be sneaky and devious. Human nature is a funny old business, as so many of us see ourselves as honourable and honest, but ...

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No Laughing Matter


Well, well, well! What have we here? Some cheeky young scamp has moved the entire contents of a co-worker’s office in the night and put them in an unsuspecting elevator. The desk; the drawers; even the printer; the whole kit and caboodle! How funny is that? I’m sure that the intended recipient of the joke found it less humorous when they came into work only to discover that they did not have anywhere to sit. They had already been hassled ...

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Busy, Busy, Busy!


Running around London like a headless chicken in the stifling heat is not exactly the most enjoyable experience, especially when you need to get those all-important household necessities. I mean, you cannot survive without your bacon butty and cup of builder’s tea in the morning otherwise your fellow colleagues would be berated for making the slightest mistake. Even if it means that you have to traipse all the way around Kings Cross dodging the throngs of people making their way ...

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Hard Work Really Pays Off


Well; waddya know! Turning up to work miraculously early has been a blessing in disguise. You bomb up the stairs like a bullet and are the first one in the office for a change. Being given a formal warning for continuously being late has spurred you into action and you want to get back in your boss’s good books. It is in your best interests to act like the model employee, as the Christmas do wasn’t exactly a huge success. ...

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Satisfaction Guaranteed Every Time


Everyone needs a little boost when they are down in the dumps. You could have had a row with your other half, or have just found out that you have been passed over for promotion yet again when you thought that it was in the bag. Especially seeing as the person who secured the role only came into the company a few months ago, and was in a far more junior position before they moved up the ranks. Life is ...

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One Hell of a Ride


If you have ever resided in a flat or apartment then the chances are that you will have utilised the elevator on a day to day basis; especially if you live on one of the top floors. Fair do’s really-as taking the stairs leaves you absolutely knackered after a good old session at the gym flexing your muscles and working on your abs. You like to look and feel good, and an hour’s workout with your personal trainer makes your ...

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Up Where We Belong

“Love lift us up where we belong
Far from the world below
Up where the clear winds blow”

Joe Cocker sure is an old romantic. He may not be as swarthy as Englebert-nor as smooth as Sir Tom- but he still possesses oodles of wrinkly charm. The ladies swoon when he is on stage crooning beautiful ballads in his seductively croaky voice, and fills up stadiums whenever he goes on tour. The notion that you can travel to a place where ...

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Playing the Waiting Game


Senator Dianne Feinstein and several of her aides were stuck in a Capitol elevator for over 15 minutes whilst trying to attend a conference. It may not seem all that long, but given the fact that this Intelligence Committee chairwoman is approaching her 80th birthday, and taking into consideration that one of her advisers was heavily pregnant, it was indeed a race against time to free these panicking passengers. The lift maintenance staff did one heck of a good job ...

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The Sky’s the Limit

Technological breakthroughs happen on a day-to-day basis, as we are constantly progressing and evolving as a community. Some are revolutionary, however, and make you sit back in wonderment. Elevator researchers have discovered that they can more than double the height of the world’s highest skyscrapers by replacing tired old steel cables with durable, resilient and hard wearing carbon fibre rope. Even Superman himself would have trouble pulling ...

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The Times They Are A-Changing


If you decide to take a jaunt to Manchester then you simply have to get your soccer fix by visiting the National Football Museum. Packed with historical memoirs, interesting snippets of info and interactive games for the little ‘uns to enjoy-this amazing experience will take you back to when you were a kid and first entered a packed stadium full of eager supporters ready for 90 minutes of adrenaline-packed action. It still gives you a little thrill when you take ...

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