Ode to the lift: World Poetry Day!

Ode to the lift

Here is an Ode to a noble contraption

Complex but simple and seen all the action

Never a chore, always a pleasure

Going up, going down – ride at your leisure.

Here is an ode to the elegant machine

Select your floor, glide like a dream

Travel in style to a new destination

We’re grateful for your marvellous creation.

It’s you who lifts us ...

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Modernising An Existing Lift: Part 2

Modernisation is an important aspect in making older-model lifts compliant with modern day regulations. Lift technology is advancing all the time, with some of these advancements being necessary to public safety as well as making sure lifts are energy efficient and economically efficient.

It is easy to spot when a lift is outdated; they look worn out and dilapidated, they don’t operate smoothly and sometimes they can be quite dangerous to those that use them. With advancements in modernisation techniques being ...

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Guidelines On Modernising An Existing Lift

As our city spaces become more condensed, the need for vertical lift travel becomes more and more necessary. Lifts exist in most tall buildings today; the heavy day-to-day use of these systems means that wear and tear is unfortunately inevitable.

Lifts have been installed in building for decades now. Although most existing lifts were installed to the level of technology of the time, rapid advancements in technology means some of these systems are now outdated. As long as existing lifts are ...

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Dumbwaiters and Material Lifts: What’s The Difference?

On first impressions there may not seem to be much difference between a dumbwaiter and a material lift; they both share the responsibility of transporting items, they both have multiple level options, and are both used in a number of different settings, by a number of different industries.

It is true that both dumbwaiters and material lifts are both used for transporting heavy items between floors, however, these products have variations when it comes to their applications, configurations, and capabilities.


As well ...

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The Importance of Proper Lift Maintenance

Lifts are heralded as one of the safest means of mechanical transports thanks to the famously high health and safety standards lift companies operate by.

One of the main areas that keep lifts so safe and secure is the practice of perfecting lift maintenance through regular servicing. Not only does this keep users safe, it also prolongs the life of the elevators and reduces costly downtime.


Lift regulations are constantly evolving, and lift industries have to work hard to stay ahead of ...

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What makes a lift engineer?

You will need to gain some qualifications and experience in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in order to understand everything you need to know to become a lift engineer.

There’s more than one way into a career in lift engineering. Here are some of the paths you could choose:

  • Mechanical / Electrical / Building Services Engineering qualification.

QCF (Qualification Credit Framework) courses can be done through a college or a 6th form. In some cases your employer will employ you as a trainee ...

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Where You Can Find Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are a complete lift system that are designed for moving passengers between a few floors. They provide an option for small distances when installing a full lift system is not a viable economic investment.

Platform lifts can be found in a wide range of different buildings. Their customisable builds mean they can be fitted to a number of different sizes and applications. They have become so useful that you can find them in even the most unusual places:

  • Retirement homes ...
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5 revolutionary Women in the lift, construction and architecture industries

In light of International Women’s Day 2018, here’s our selection of five women revolutionary in industries where women are still under-represented.

Harriet Tracy

Born in 1834, Tracy’s inventions were innovative and she patented them ruthlessly. It is recorded that she patented some impressive twenty-seven inventions during her lifetime. Eleven of those patents were for inventions related to lifts and included her invention for automatic hatchway guards.  For her work, she received a letter highly commending her signed by five talented and world-famous ...

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The Market for Dumbwaiters is Growing

These handy contraptions have been moving objects up and down floors for centuries. The simple design has been improved on with new technologies and has evolved with the times into a fully integrated system, present in domestic and commercial settings.

Market Segregation

The global market for dumbwaiters is fragmented into; product type (which covers window and floor types), door type and application.

The material type used in dumbwaiter construction is split into stainless steel, powder coated steel, baked enamel coatings, and others. With ...

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Easy Steps to Lift Installation

Thinking of having a lift installed in a domestic building or workplace? The process is much simpler than you may think. Once a platform lift is installed and under constant use, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one. They enhance accessibility and counter the problem that some of your employees and customer may have with stairs.

Let’s take a look at how simple the process of installing your new platform lift actually is:

  1. First Contact

Contacting a lift installer is easily ...

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