A scary lift service

Some of may have seen on YouTube the “scariest lift ride” and thought “I’m glad that’s not me”! For all those who haven’t yet seen it, here’s what happens…

The person (singular not plural for obvious reasons) would casually step inside the lift as they normally would, press the button to the desired floor and off you go. But, it’s not this straight forward. There’s one extra surprise in store… The lights begin to flicker before going off and that’s when ...

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2013 Is The Time for Lift Maintenance

Sheridan Lifts would like to firstly wish you a happy and prosperous new year for 2013! We’re already excited to see what this year has in store for us, and if it’s anything like 2012, then we sure have something to look forward to. A new year means a new start for us all, this includes ensuring that any lifts in your building have been inspected and that any services have been carried out in order to ensure the safety ...

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Merry Christmas from Sheridan Lifts

Sheridan Lifts would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

As you probably are too, we’re all looking forward to a few days break over the festive holidays. Saying this, our lift engineers will be on standby for any emergencies, which includes Christmas Day.

We hope you all enjoy your well-earned break and we look forward to speaking to and seeing you in the New Year.

For any emergencies, ...

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Sheridan Keeps Lifts Moving Over Christmas

Santa won’t have to worry about getting stuck between floors this festive season, as Sheridan Lifts will be working every day to ensure that it’s business as usual.

We have our emergency lift engineers on standby over the Christmas week. This includes Christmas Day.  It’s not as bad as it sounds though! We value all of our customers and this is why we need we aim to please. There would be nothing worse than there being some form of lift emergency ...

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Sheridan Lifts Christmas Party

So, it’s the Monday after the Christmas party…and the awkward first stages of making any eye contact are coming to end! What a night it was too!

We had a great turnout on Friday with our in-house team and lift engineers coming together to celebrate Christmas, as well as the success that we’ve had this year. The party began down at The Mitre Hotel in Manchester city centre, in which they put out a delightful spread which was unexpected and we ...

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I’m Dreaming of a Sheridan Lifts Christmas

Tonight is the night that we have all been waiting for…the Sheridan Lifts Christmas party! Everyone down at our office is raring to go and they haven’t stopped talking about what they’re wearing…this isn’t just the ladies amongst us either!

We’re all looking forward to this year’s party after the successful year that we’ve had. Sheridan Lifts have gone beyond all expectations and targets, smashing records beyond belief! Lift installation has been one of our biggest sellers yet, where contracts have ...

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12 Days of Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…one of the UK’s most successful lift servicing companies.

12 lift engineers working

11 turn key projects

10 lifts in planning

9 lifts installing

8 24/7 call outs

7 lifts are modernising

6 lifts are eco-friendly

5 lift repairs

4 lift services

3 maintenance lifts

2 lift refurbishments

And a working Sheridan Lift

Obviously, these numbers are much higher, but we know you’re singing along to the “12 Days of ...

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15 Days Until Christmas

Sleigh bells ring are you listening, in the lane our engineers are glistening, a beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walking in a Sheridan Wonderland

We’re all getting into the Christmas spirit down at the Sheridan Lifts headquarters! Secret Santa’s are underway (slightly nervous about what I might be unwrapping), Christmas party is just a few days away and our team are singing away to their favourite Christmas songs…they think I can’t hear them, but I can! Although it will ...

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Sheridan Lifts, the story so far….

Sheridan Lifts, the story so far….


Sheridan Lifts opened back in 1979 by Stanley Sheridan, with Littlewoods being their main (and current) customer and it is now become one of the most successful lift companies in the UK. In 1994, Tony Sheridan, son of Stanley took over the business who at the time, received a £170,000 turnover.

Tony joined as a young 18 year old lad who watched his father grow and develop the business. He ...

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A Lift in a Pie

A Lift in a Pie


Did you see Heston’s Fantastical Food last night on channel 4? Over the last couple of weeks, Heston has been travelling around the UK to bring back the classic British traits, such as tea breaks (the biscuit dunker) and the Great British pub, with the traditional pub grub. In last night’s show, Heston created a pub made of out…pie! We can see some confused faces here, but he did it and it worked! ...

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