Happy Halloween From Sheridan Lifts Ltd

What’s down the Elevator?


Don’t let those Halloween movies put you off that show trapped passengers in the lift.  These are nothing but stories! There will be no trapped heads in the lift doors like in “Final Destination 2”, no suspicious activity as in “The Shaft” and certainly when you call the emergency button, our team will be able to hear you at the other end and communicate with you, unlike in the film, the ...

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Top of the range lift engineers

Top of the range lift engineers


As you’re probably fully aware of, any person or business that owns a building that has a lift present, will know that it will need some lift maintenance and servicing as the safety of the passenger comes first. The challenging part though is finding a reliable lift maintenance company that has an excellent and reliable team of lift engineers.  How do you know if they’re a good company? How ...

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Lift Modernisation your way to the future

Lift Modernisation your way to the future


All lifts will eventually need modernising, even the spanking brand new ones. At Sheridan Lifts, we also invest our money back into the company for resourcing and ensuring that our lift engineers have the top of the range equipment for both repairing and replacing specific components.

It is important that you have your lift modernised to avoid any future technical problems that may occur. Some of the symptoms are easily recognisable such ...

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Sheridan Lift Services.

The Sheri-done Service


Sheridan Lifts Limited has been providing an outstanding lift service for over 30 years now and will continue to do so for another 30 years to come. Our services range from pretty much everything that is involved with lifts, such as;

  • Lift Engineering/ Engineers
  • Lift Installation / Planning
  • Lift Maintenance and repair
  • General Service
  • Lift Modernisation /refurbishment
  • Turn-key project management
  • Energy efficient lifts
  • Restoration
  • Lift Replacement

We provide a service that is efficient and of the highest possible quality for both our ...

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Lift Maintenance – Maintaining your everyday use.

Maintaining your everyday use

Keeping a lift maintained is essential to ensure that is kept in good working order. Lifts are part of our everyday use, whether it’s to travel form the bottom floor to the top floor of a high multi-storey building, to carry heavy goods (including numerous shopping bags), for the elderly, disabled, parents with pushchairs, or for those who are feeling lazy…something that we are all guilty of! We’ve all done it and travelled from ...

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Local lift company support shines through as Terry Flanagan becomes the Prize Fighter champion!

Sheridan Lifts punched their way through to win the finals with Boxing Champion Terry Flanagan

Sheridan Lifts Limited, a lift repair company, was asked to sponsor British Lightweight champion Terry Flanagan at the Prize Fighter. The boxing competition took place on Saturday 6th October 2012.

With this in mind, Sheridan Lifts were more than honoured to have been asked by the local boxer to sponsor him, ...

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Lift Engineering – Your way to the top

Engineering your way to the top

Engineering is the application of scientific and mathematical principles. This includes the design, manufacture and operation of efficient and economical structures, machines, processes and systems.

Lift engineering is the skilful manoeuvring of the platform, compartment/ cage/ lowered in a vertical shaft to transport a person(s) or goods in a building.

As you’re probably aware, engineering of any sort be can very technical and that is why, when it comes to lift engineering, ...

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Sheridan Lifts take Flanagan through to the next round.

Sheridan Lifts Limited is honoured to be sponsoring one of Britain’s champion boxers, Terry Flanagan on Saturday, 6th October 2012.

Sheridan Lifts may be renowned for being one of the most successful lift companies throughout the UK, but outside of this, they are also big on giving back and one way they achieve this, is by becoming a sponsor for the local young hopefuls of Manchester. Sheridan Lifts opened up a local ...

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New arrival raves about the potential of Sheridan Lifts 

Sheridan Lifts are pleased to announce the further expansion of the New Lift sales team with the addition of industry expert Craig Hewitt.

Craig joins the company having spent a significant amount of time within the industry dealing with all types of passenger and platform installations, and the procurement and design of bespoke lift solutions.

Craig was pleased to join what can only be described as the success story of the lift industry ...

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A Range of Services from Sheridan Lifts

Sheridan Lifts, Lift Repairs and Lift Services

Sheridan Lifts is a family operated business and has been passed down through three generations. Over the years, we have built up an unrivaled reputation for customer service, and we’re committed to going above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

We provide a range of lift services including lift repairs, maintenance and modernisation and offer a range of contracts which allow you to choose the amount of lift services and maintenance you require, from standard to ...

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