The Benefits of Bespoke

For a lot of businesses standard lift systems are simply unsuitable for installation. Most of the problems arise with the size of standard lift systems not aligning to the measurements of the current building.

The best option in this situation is a bespoke lift design. Bespoke lifts are custom fitted to the customer’s exact requirements, meaning no matter what the lift is needed for; where the lift needs to be installed; or if you have any special requirements for your lift ...

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Why Your Restaurant Could Benefit from a Dumbwaiter

Step inside a commercial restaurant today and you’ll find the hardest working members of staff in the same place as always. The dumbwaiter has become an integral part of the food service industry for a range of reasons. For restaurants, hotels and bars, dumbwaiters work tirelessly, transporting food, drinks and other items up and down floors, all day, every day.

For most modern restaurant chains, service takes place between numerous floors to accommodate a larger kitchen and more seating area for ...

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Can Lifts Be Energy Efficient?

We’re told that we should all use the stairs more, instead of relying on lifts and elevators all the time. This is for the sake of people’s health, as most office staff spend the majority of the day sat at a desk and using lifts to get to their offices. The resulting lack of physical activity has adverse effects on health over time.

Another major reason that people are advised to use the stairs over lifts is to save energy. But ...

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Why You Should Install A Residential Dumbwaiter

You may think that in 2018 a dumbwaiter is a dated device with no real applications in the modern world. How wrong you are. These age-old systems are still making peoples lives easier in homes across the world today.

Their simplicity simply adds to their usefulness, as there is little that can go wrong with a dumbwaiter. Why are more homeowners having them installed? What are the benefits and what are the potential possibilities a dumbwaiter would afford me and my ...

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The secret uses of Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters have their origins in the lavish dessert banquets of the upper classes of the 18th Century. By the turn of the 19th Century, you could find dumbwaiters in the majority of homes across the upper and middle classes.

As well as serving wines and delicious sweets at banquets hosted by the highest rungs of society, they also protected secrets. In the drawing rooms of elegant houses, social climbers and families of incredible industrial wealth would use this time after feasting ...

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Breaking The Limits Of Lift Design

If you’ve been lucky enough to travel to the top of London’s tallest skyscraper the Shard, then you may have been surprised to have had to change elevators in order to make it all the way to the top. This transfer floor, or “Sky Lobby” as it’s more commonly known, is a necessary inconvenience for anyone wishing to reach the summit of the building and enjoy the panoramic views of London city.

But why is it the case, that even in ...

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Platform Lifts and Passenger Lifts: What’s the difference?

You may feel that there can’t be that much different between passenger lifts and platform lifts. And we know the difference can be confusing – they simply take people from one floor to another, don’t they?

That’s true, in part. Lifts are there to circulate people between floors in public buildings. They aid the transporting of people between multiple floors and are used in buildings where people with impaired mobility need to travel between two or more floors.

Knowing the difference can ...

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How Dumbwaiters can help avoid Manual Handling Injuries

Dumbwaiters have become the invisible team member of stations, coffee shops, supermarkets and our favourite restaurants. They take on the role of an extra pair of hands, making easy work of difficult jobs, and reducing the risk of injury to members of staff.

One of the reasons why dumbwaiters have become so popular is the massive reduction in workplace injuries. Every year almost a third of workplace injuries that require more than three days off work are due to manual handling ...

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Repair Or Modernise?

If you’ve had a lift installed at your business for a long period of time, and the lift itself is starting to feel outdated, or isn’t running as smoothly as you’d like, then it may be in need of repair.

A complete replacement of parts may not be the only answer. There are many factors to consider – but your elevator may benefit from an upgrade.

When deciding if your lift system needs an upgrade, there are many strategic decisions that need ...

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How to Keep Your Platform Lift Looking Great

Lift systems often get overlooked when it comes to cleaning day. They ferry heaps of people between floors every single day, which can end up building up quite a bit of mess.

Whether it’s dirt from heavy foot traffic, combined with inclement weather that leaves your floors looking well-trodden in; or the countless number of grubby fingers that leave the button controls covered in grime. Even a lesser used lift can suffer from a covering of dust that all buildings fall ...

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