Three Services Customers Should Expect From Lift Companies

Three Services Customers Should Expect From Lift Companies

There are many different types of lift companies. Some are internationally renowned, while others, like Sheridan lifts, have more of a local reputation. However, even despite these differences, there are a number of traits they all should share. Unfortunately, while many lift companies strive to provide their clients with the best possible value for money, some are content to offer sub-standard service.

As such, customers should be discerning when selecting a company to install or repair their lifts. This includes making ...

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A Fully Automated Success For Sheridan Lifts

We here at Sheridan Lifts are very pleased to announce the successful installation of the first of four fully automated service lifts, now found at 1 Mabledon Place in the heart of London. As a multi-million pound project that we were all too happy to be a part of, and one of the most business crucial projects we have ever undertaken, we thought it was definitely worth a blog post!


The four lifts are state of the art dumbwaiters showcasing the ...

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Efficient Lift Engineering

Efficient Engineering – Lift Engineer Company

If there’s one thing that we’re huge fans of here at Sheridan Lifts, it’s efficiency – both in terms of reliability and cost effective running that promises you’ll always be able to depend on the lifts you have installed. That’s exactly why we’re always striving to exceed all expectations where efficiency is concerned, and why all of our lift ...

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Fantastic Finance For Lift Installation

Fantastic Finance – Lift Engineer Company

There aren’t many better ways to increase the value of any given property than to have top quality lifts installed, courtesy of the services of a leading lift engineer company like Sheridan Lifts, certainly if you’re looking to maximise important considerations and aspects such as practicality and access in and out of the building. It’s often the ...

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Closely Customised Lift Systems

Closely Customised – Lift Engineer Company

Lift systems are incredible additions to any property, especially when they’re able to be customised and personalised to match the client they’re being installed for, but it’s not always the case that you can get your hands on a bespoke lift – especially if you’re working on a tight budget and you’re avoiding costs that look likely ...

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Working For You

Working For You – Lift Engineer Company

Tired of “one size fits all” lift systems that don’t exactly fit what you need? Why not try Sheridan Lifts for a change of pace you’re sure to appreciate?

The team found here at Sheridan Lifts is exclusively comprised of the most experienced professionals in the business today, ensuring that as a leading lift engineer company we stay at the front of the pack with consistently superior ...

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Make it Regular

ift engineer company

The experts behind the success of our lift engineer company are firm believers in ensuring success long before any problems have the chance to manifest and cause a serious issue for your lifts, and so it goes without saying that we’re big fans of what a regular schedule of maintenance can do. That’s exactly why we’ll always go that extra mile to ensure you’ll have all the help you need ...

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Going Up, Staying Green

Going Up, Staying Green – Lift Engineer CompanyAre you paying mind to the environment recently? We certainly are! Falling strictly in line with the requirements set out by BREEAM, or the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, we here at Sheridan Lifts are a leading lift engineer company that’s always looking to ensure that we’re as kind to the environment as can ...

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Efficient Excellence

Efficient Excellence – Platform LiftsEfficiency is an incredibly important quality for any lift to have, certainly if you’re aiming to get your hands on a cost effective package which is sure to allow more people to access your property without breaking the bank or putting too great a financial burden on the day to day running of your business. We love cost-effective lift systems ...

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Providing Platform Lifts

Are you in the market for a highly convenient and thoroughly multi-purpose lift? Let Sheridan Lifts, leading lift engineer company, make a little recommendation…

Providing Platforms – Lift Engineer Company

Platform lifts, and especially the Glide Hi-Rise models found with us at our lift engineer company, are specifically designed to be installed without requiring any major alteration or change to existing properties in just about any ...

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