3 Things You Never Knew About Lifts

Whether you live in a large block of flats, work in a towering office building or just have a general hatred for stairs, there’s just nothing better than the sight of a top-quality lift. Offering a convenient way to move between floors and saving your legs from any strains, a lift is an absolute-must for any large commercial or residential properties.

Despite their importance to our everyday lives, it’s fair to say that many of us pay little attention to lifts ...

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Energy Efficient Elevator Design

Nowadays, building design is more focused than ever on energy efficiency in the form of insulation, solar panelled roofing and network lighting. High-rise building projects tend to overlook the efficiency of its elevators, mainly due to the fact they only account for about 5-11% of the building total energy usage.

The world’s top elevator manufacturers are now producing premium elevators for mid and high-rise buildings that are as energy efficient as possible; and even being capable of generating energy for the ...

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You Need To See Some Of These Unusual Elevator Designs From Around The World

We come across elevators every day, and their designs are generally functional but minimalist in design. There are designers out there who push the boundaries of elevator design and think outside the box. After all, who said elevators have to be boring?


The AquaDom; located at the Radisson Blue in Berlin-Mitte is an elevator unlike any you have seen before. Riding this elevator is an experience that people rarely forget; the transparent elevator is surrounded by a 25-metre tall cylindrical ...

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LOLER and PUWER: Two names lift owners need to know

We know, these sound like to latest internet abbreviations or two characters from a kid’s daytime TV show but, th are actually two very important regulations tha lift owners should not only know about, but also be adhering to. Let’s take a look:

PUWER: The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 

PUWER requires any risks to people’s health and safety, risks that come directly from the equipment that they use at work, to be prevented or controlled.
PUWER regulations require that equipment ...

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Lift Maintenance: Your Top Questions Answered

At Sheridan Lifts, we appreciate that knowing about the lifts in your building or under your care isn’t easy and that often, it’s best to just leave it to the professionals and so we pride ourselves on making this process as painless as possible for our customers. To help, we have listed and answered the most asked questions regarding lifts.


How often should I service my lift?

The type of lift you have determines the frequency of a service as well as ...

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Lifts, Nips & Tucks: Why Your Lift Is Crying Out For An Upgrade

Nobody turns down an upgrade

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we humans seize each and every opportunity to enhance or ‘step up’ an experience. VIP concert tickets, first class seats on the 12:10 Pendolino service to London Euston, and using the credit card to buy an upgrade into Business Class just to avoid the queues.

We’ll let you into a little secret, your customers’ lift experience is no different.

Now, an old lift does not necessarily need replacing in its entirety. ...

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Going Up: Take A Lift To The Future

Many of us use lifts every single day, and step in and out of them without much thought to what it is that enables us to trabel through floors. Now, anyone will be able to tell you that lifts are operated by a series of ropes – and they’d be right, lifts as we know them have been dependent on them for 160 years – but what if we were to tell you that rope-free lifts were now a reality?

Cast ...

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More than just a lift

If you have read our last few blogs you’ll know that a lift is more than just a mechanism. With them having become a staple in every multi storey building and even homes now, marketing and advertising companies are now beginning to see what we saw all along in lifts – potential. Companies are now clamouring over themselves to utilise lifts as sources of creative advertising.

So without further ado let’s take a look at 8 of the best lift adverts.


Great ...

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We all have our own fears that we privately cope with but what happens when you are made to live out your trepidation in public? For many, the thought of being trapped in a lift is all but too much to handle but for some, it was and could be a reality.

We’ve all heard of the infamous 1999 lift malfunction that left New Yorker Nicholas White, trapped in a lift for 41 hours. After taking a ciggeratte break, Nicholas stepped ...

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Is your lift due a maintenance check?

Have the lifts in your property encountered a sudden breakdown and now you’re in dire need of a repair? Or are your lifts simply looking a little worse for wear? Then here at Sheridan Lifts we can provide you with a solution.

Lift maintenance! Gone are the days when your whole lift would need be stripped out in favour of a new one. At Sheridan Lifts we provide our clients with simple and cost efficient alternatives such as lift modernisation and ...

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