The History of the Lift

The team here at Sheridan Lifts thought we would dedicate today’s blog to the history of the lift and how we came to know this magnificent piece of machinery. After all, if there was no such thing as a lift there would be no Sheridan Lifts.

The lifts History

The very first recorded report of a lift was cited back in1st century BC by a Roman architect and engineer named Marcus Vitruvius Polio. His account narrated that Archimedes built a lift somewhere ...

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Going Above & Beyond

“From the initial tender period and consultation to the installation of the lifts, Sheridan Lifts were competent and provided the necessary skills to aid in the delivery of this major project” –  John Blackwell, Commercial Manager, Laing O’Rourke.

Here at Sheridan Lifts we aim to give you the best service and it was with this in mind that we created the Turn-key Project Management programme. ...

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Summer is A ‘Coming & Lifts need A ‘Changing

How many times have you looked at a lift and wondered if it’ll even make it to the next floor? Slow moving doors, rough rides, and a worn exterior that almost makes the stairs look inviting. Vintage objects may be sought after in many industries, but in the lifts business what is ‘vintage’ generally equates to a liability.

A common myth amongst the lift possessors is that a lift service is only required when your lift, well, dies. Or if there’s ...

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Thank God for Lifts

Today’s blog is dedicated to lift appreciation. Rarely do we give credit where it is due to these reality based equivalents to a flying carpet – the magnificent machines that transport us from the ground floor to the 40th floor in a matter of seconds. Instead all we do is grumble and gripe; yes the lift doesn’t smell like a bed of roses when five of the world’s sweatiest humans decide to ram themselves in there all at once nor ...

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Does your lift need a tweak?

How many times do you get into a lift and think it won’t make it to the top floor? Or that you’ll be trapped inside for the rest of eternity? Slow moving doors, rough rides to your chosen floor and a button response time that almost make the stairs seem a desirable choice, Sheridan Lifts can help!

A complete face lift isn’t always necessary. Where some companies may only offer you the option of replacing the entire lift, Sheridan Lifts can ...

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Quality Guaranteed

As a family run business that has been passed down from generation to generation, we appreciate the value of each customer we get, which is why we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with an impeccable, proficient and personal lift service. And since we first opened Sheridan Lifts back in 1979, we have had heaps of practice in the elusive area of customer satisfaction. This is why our lift engineers are at your beckon call (a service only ...

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Wanna Lift?

Lifts are a pivotal part of your business, although they do not seem overly significant to your day-to-day business they are essentially the hub of your company. Speaking from personal experience whenever a lift breaks down anywhere, general panic ensues. And that is precisely why it is vital that your business’ lifts are regularly serviced.

The challenging part, however, begins when trying to find a lift company that offers its customers a quality service as well as value for their money. ...

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Exceeding Expectations

Any business or institution that owns a building in which a lift is present will know that it is imperative that the lift is regularly serviced. Under Lift Maintenance regulations, property owners have a duty to ensure the safety of their building’s residents and visitors.

This is where the challenging part begins however, with the rise of cowboy companies surfacing every day how do you know who to trust? And that is where we can help! Here at Sheridan Lifts we ...

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Enhancing Lift Safety

lift-safetyLifts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and travel at different rates of speed.  They are among the safest available forms of transportation; however, there are important guidelines passengers should follow to assist in ensuring lift safety.  Knowing how to properly ride a lift is highly essential.  It is also important to be aware of what to do if the lift ...

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Types Of Lifts For Different Buildings

A lift, also called elevator, is one among the most underrated pieces of human invention. It’s a vertical transport equipment that moves goods or people between floors or levels of a vessel, building, etc. Not many people realise if it hadn’t been for lifts, the skyscrapers or tall buildings adorning most modern cities’ skylines wouldn’t have been possible. A lift may seem like a simple piece of technology and engineering.

However, if you dig deep, you’ll find out there’s more than ...

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