Enhancing Lift Safety

lift-safetyLifts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and travel at different rates of speed.  They are among the safest available forms of transportation; however, there are important guidelines passengers should follow to assist in ensuring lift safety.  Knowing how to properly ride a lift is highly essential.  It is also important to be aware of what to do if the lift ...

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Lift Safety Rules

If you are planning to install an elevator in your office building, then it is important to ensure that your employees understand the importance of following lift safety precautions at all times. Unfortunately, many organizations equate safety training with having a few colorful lift safety posters around the office or with a short talk about it during office meetings.

Knowing how to react to an emergency and actually tackling an emergency in real life are two completely different things. Read ahead ...

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Sheridan Wins Manchester Hospital Contract

Sheridan Lifts have successfully received the go-ahead to carry out the fourth consecutive contract to upgrade and Modernise Lifts at North Manchester General Hospital.

North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH) is the Largest Hospital in the Pennine Acute Trust, with a reliant community of 800,000+ People and employing over 8000 staff.

The extensive hospital site was originally three separate hospitals and due to high demand and growing respected reputation, merged into one, making this hospital one of the most ...

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Sheridan’s Carl Holt Tees up for charity


Sheridan Lifts employee Carl Holt has recently raised money for charity in a sponsored all-day Golf Challenge.

Carl and seven other members of the Blackley Golf Club overcame the 72 holes, 300 shots and a 20 mile walk from sunrise to sunset. This was all of course to raise money for a fantastic charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

All the lads took on the challenge and were ...

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Sheridan Lift Services win contract for NHS


Sheridan’s win contract to refurbish the lifts at the North Manchester General hospital. We are delighted to have won the contract to fully modernise the lifts at North Manchester General Hospital. This gives us particularly satisfaction as a Manchester based company. Sheridan lift services  have been wining contracts for new lift installations across the UK this year but we believe that, not only have we been Manchester’s number 1 lift company for a number of years, we are now ...

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