Going Up: Take A Lift To The Future

Many of us use lifts every single day, and step in and out of them without much thought to what it is that enables us to trabel through floors. Now, anyone will be able to tell you that lifts are operated by a series of ropes – and they’d be right, lifts as we know them have been dependent on them for 160 years – but what if we were to tell you that rope-free lifts were now a reality?

Cast ...

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Types Of Lifts For Different Buildings

A lift, also called elevator, is one among the most underrated pieces of human invention. It’s a vertical transport equipment that moves goods or people between floors or levels of a vessel, building, etc. Not many people realise if it hadn’t been for lifts, the skyscrapers or tall buildings adorning most modern cities’ skylines wouldn’t have been possible. A lift may seem like a simple piece of technology and engineering.

However, if you dig deep, you’ll find out there’s more than ...

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The Most Popular Passenger Lifts in the World

residential-lift4It is interesting to know that lifts have been in use, in Rome since 336 B.C. This was apparently built by the talented Archimedes. The very first lifts were open cars instead of closed ones and were operated manually, by either people, animals or water wheels. These lifts were only used to moved heavy items such as water, building materials or other generally heavy ...

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The Different Types of Lifts

Lifts have become standard features in almost all high-rise buildings across the world because they offer a convenient and effective way of transporting people and goods within such buildings. As such, elevators generally vary in terms of size and design depending on their intended purpose. The different types of lifts include:

passenger-lifts-unique-3Passenger Lifts

Modern passenger lifts can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. As ...

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Different Implementations of Different Lifts

There are different types of buildings in South Wales where lifts are needed. These places require professional lift services South Wales.

Residential Buildings

Residential building developers have to incorporate lift in the building if the building is higher than 2-3 floors. Special small lift is needed in home as well. This type of lift is needed due to a family member’s old age, infirmity, disability or injury. The special lift improves accessibility and comfort of the affected person. There are a wide ...

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What’s Your Final Destination?

Sheridan Lifts Limited are proud to announce the installation of 4 brand new state of the art lift installations in central London.

The lifts installed includes some of the most advance technology on the market commonly known as destination control. This feature minimises the buildings lift energy consumption and maximise vertical traffic flow speeds and productivity in the premises.

To explain; the lifts operating controls which you would usually operate as a passenger from inside ...

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Sheridan Lifts win Tower Block contract in Ancoats


We are delighted to announce that Sheridan Lifts have been chosen to supply and install new lifts in the 3 redeveloped Ancoats Tower blocks in Manchester. Our roots as a company are firmly based in Manchester, making this local redevelopment superb news for the area.

Our Managing Director Anthony Sheridan holds the project close to his heart: “those blocks could tell some stories, my granddad lived in one and as a young lad I use to play football in the car ...

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Cabin Options

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