Lift Maintenance

If you are a property owner that has a lift in your building, it’s absolutely essential to have it properly maintained. It’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of any residents or visitors and this includes the proper functioning and safety of the lift. Health and safety is a big source of concern for property owners nowadays due in large part to the increase of public liability claims. But, ensuring that your lift is correctly maintained, you can greatly reduce ...

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Higher, taller, faster, stronger

The world is full of records; fastest this, largest that, tallest, fattest, smallest, heaviest, most efficient – we could go on.

Passenger lifts are no exception! As a lift company, we’re always reading about the world’s fastest and tallest lifts and it looks like there’s going to be a new title holder.

passenger lifts

Currently, the Khalifa Tower in Dubai is the tallest building in the world. ...

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Want freeing from a lift? It’ll cost you.

Getting stuck in a lift is probably up there as one of the most common phobias but getting footed with the call out charge is the real stuff of nightmares! However, this nightmare became a reality for one family in America when they went to visit some friends.



Upon leaving their friends apartment the family entered a lift and as it started to descend, they ...

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Portugal’s passenger lifts

Portugal is a beautiful country; there’s amazing food, football, people, culture and architecture to enjoy whilst visiting and the capital Lisbon is a great spot to visit. Lisbon is nicknamed The City of Seven Hills and as you can imagine, it’s due to the many inclines that are part of the landscape; not ideal for people with reduced mobility. However, around 130 years ago, the capital built a system of lifts to help its residents navigate the inclines easily and ...

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Sheridan’s Carl Holt Tees up for charity


Sheridan Lifts employee Carl Holt has recently raised money for charity in a sponsored all-day Golf Challenge.

Carl and seven other members of the Blackley Golf Club overcame the 72 holes, 300 shots and a 20 mile walk from sunrise to sunset. This was all of course to raise money for a fantastic charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

All the lads took on the challenge and were ...

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Lift smashes into roof in Chile


An unfortunate incident has occurred due to a lift malfunction in Chile, leaving a man in hospital in serious condition.

Jose Vergara walked into the lift in his apartment building and the doors closed behind him as normal, however seconds later the lift began to move upwards at a rapid speed and the doors opened once more, revealing floors going by faster and faster. The man can be seen hitting buttons in an attempt to stop the lift, unfortunately to no ...

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January Contest: £250 Selfridges Vouchers

Going into the new year we have an exciting giveaway for anyone and everyone to enter!

We will be giving away £250 of Selfridges Vouchers to one lucky winner that either likes our Facebook page or follows us on Twitter.


“Voted the best department store in the world, Selfridges has all the latest designer collections, must-have toys & gifts for all the family.”

Pstt… – If you like/follow both profiles you get two entries.

Contest Terms & Conditions:

One lucky winner will be chosen at random ...

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