Health & Safety

Health nSafety2As a leading independent UK lift company,Sheridan Lifts is able to provide assistance through innovative systems and procedures developed in-house by experienced staff. Our engineers are fully competent, qualified, and understand the hazards and risks associated with the lift industry.

The control measures and improvements necessary for safe working for existing and new lift installations can vary considerably and therefore, we undertake regular risk assessment reviews to ensure the continued safety of all our employees.

Sheridan lifts is certified to OHSAS 18001 and works to the Lift Regulations 1997 and BS7255 (safe working on lifts).

We also ensure that Sheridan Lifts customers are informed of any changes to legislation, lift engineering standards, codes of practice or other recommendations that may affect your lift. Should any specific improvements be necessary to your equipment, we will inform you and provide you with a detailed quotation to undertake the necessary work.


Sheridan Lifts is a member of the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA) and the LEIA Quality and Technical Committee. The Quality and Technical Committee are responsible for all work relating to industry standards and they provide representation on to the British Standards Institute and the European Standards Committee (CEN).

A key strategy within Sheridan Lifts is to be easy to do business and add customer value. Our offices are closely monitored and managed to ensure the most cost effective use of resources and manpower for both customers and our company. This focus and local cover reduces lead time for call-outs and repairs and also reduces environmental impacts created via fuel and emissions from our vehicles.

Sheridan Lifts is certified to ISO 14001 and as such undertakes regular internal audits of our operations to ensure control measures are effective.

We monitor our environmental aspects and impacts through our approved Environmental management System, reviewing these on a regular basis to continue our drive for business improvement.

Our vision is to contribute, through our diverse businesses, to a society in which people’s basic needs are not only met but fulfilled in a way that sustains the environment.

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