How to save your business money

If a business can save money then that’s always a good thing, unless it compromises health and safety or the quality of their service/ product. Companies are always looking for innovative ways to increase their cash flow and profit margins, and that applies to every single aspect of their business – including maintenance costs. Energy saving lifts are an ingenious way to do that.

Not only do energy saving lifts save you as a business, a huge chunk of change, it ...

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Energy saving lifts, saving the world in one process

What is so important about energy saving lifts? You may not fully understand the benefits that come with upgrading your current lift system to a newer eco lift. Here at Sheridan Lifts, we are pleased to be in a position to offer our customer’s the latest in lift solutions. Read on below for more information.

Being able to save money is a great boon to any business and they often try and find savings any way they can, without compromising the service ...

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A great way to save you money – and the environment! – Lift Companies

Businesses are always looking to save money where they can, without compromising the quality of the product or service they’re providing to their customers of course. Energy saving lifts are a fantastic way to save a company a large chunk of money and allow them to operate in an eco-friendly way.

A busy building means a lift that will be in near constant use which also means high operational costs. Lifts tend to use up a lot of electricity! However, switching ...

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