Sheridan lift services install New Lifts at Stay City Apartments.

The lifts are fitted in an iconic building in the Centre of Manchester. The building is located on the approach to Piccadilly station and is unique by its design.

Apartments and Hotels are being refurbished across the city as well new building being constructed.

Sheridan Lift services can provide the complete package including all building works.

Our lift has the option of steel structures. This can ...

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Tender wins for Sheridan Lifts & Sheridan Doors UK

Sheridan’s have won their individual tenders for Clippers Quay House in Salford.

Sheridan Lift services will be removing the old lifts and supplying and installing two new lift installations.

Sheridan Doors UK will be supplying new automatic glass doors to the front entrances

New fire doors will be fitted to the external exits of the building.

The lift & door companies operationally run separately. However, when are provided with a tender/specifications that requires lifts and ...

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Lift Engineering and Installation

When it comes to developing a commercial or residential property no amount of studying Homes Under the Hammer will prepare you for the stress and hard-work property development creates. There’s building regulations, applying for planning permission – even finding a reliable construction team can cause a serious headache.

One area that won’t cause you hassle, though, is lift installation. Why, you ask? Well here at Sheridan Lifts our family-run business has over 33 years of experience in providing ...

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