A look back

A look back

The last couple of weeks have been memorable indeed for the team here at Sheridan Lifts. We’ve been fortunate enough to give back to our community, specifically the veteran community. Helping to build homes in Miles Platting has been such a rewarding experience and it’s something we’ll never forget.

We were the chosen lift company to help modify a home for disabled access, which included installing a platform lift, and we worked alongside countless traders and businesses from all sectors to ...

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A Royal Visit

As you know, the Sheridan Lifts team have been busy down at the DIY SOS site helping to build homes for veterans in Miles Platting. Well, we were treated to a very royal visit today down at the project as Princes William and Harry came down to see how the work was going.

As you can imagine, everyone got a little bit excited at the prospect of being amongst royalty and it was a bit of a novelty seeing them walking ...

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Doing work we’re proud of

We’ve been operating as a family-run, lift company for over thirty years and over that time there have been certain jobs that have meant more to us than others. For instance, installing platform lifts in commercial buildings to allow adequate disabled access, or completing installations in care homes have been projects that have brought us joy on a personal level. But there’s nothing we’ve found more satisfying than the project we’re working on at the minute.

Sheridan lifts are currently the ...

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DIY SOS work has started

The first phase of work is underway for the ground-breaking project undertaken by BBC’s DIY SOS team to turn empty houses into a new community for veterans in Manchester. Nick Knowles’ team have partnered up with a whole host of local traders, including Sheridan Lifts, to complete the project, as well as charity Walking with the Wounded. The aim is to build a dedicated community of streets for veterans, many of whom have PTSD and other war wounds and often ...

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Sheridan Lifts on tour

A couple of blogs ago we mentioned that Sheridan Lifts would be taking part in UK Construction Week 2015, on the 6th, 7th and 8th October down in Birmingham. We thought we’d give you a quick reminder as we know you’re all extremely busy so it may have slipped your mind! Tickets are free so there’s no excuse not to see all your faces!

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Customer Testimonials

As a lift company, we understand the importance of keeping your customers happy and that’s why we go to great lengths to ensure we do. There’s no point providing great passenger lifts, commercial lifts and every other kind of lift if you don’t also provide a great service; one that your customers love. So, for this blog we thought we’d share some of our beloved customer testimonials with you all…

Eastland Homes

Sheridan Lifts have been servicing and repairing domestic ...

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Looking for a complete service? – Lift Company

As a lift company there are three main facets to our business. These are:

  • Lift Installations
  • Lift Modernisation & Upgrades
  • Lift Maintenance & Repair

This means we are an all-encompassing lift company and can tackle any lift job with confidence and ease. For over 30 years our family-run business has been one of the leading lift companies in the North West and across the rest of the UK. Whilst we are based in Manchester we regularly travel the length and breadth of the country ...

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A broken lift can have you feeling trapped – Lift Company

Many people depend on lifts for their mobility and freedom, especially older and disabled people who live in high rises or indeed any kind of building which has any number of stairs. So if a lift in a domestic building, or even a commercial building, breaks down it can leave a person literally trapped; unable to socialise, go to work or leave their homes. When a lift breaks down, which is disappointing but sometimes unavoidable, there needs to be a ...

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Would you want a deathtrap lift installed in your building? – Lift Company

Yes that’s a serious question! The paternoster lift is a special kind of lift that has no doors and moves up and down the building shaft on a continuous loop. Named after the Lord’s Prayer, you can only fit one or two passengers inside each cabin and they’re thought to be highly efficient; if not dangerous. Paternoster lifts are kind of dumbwaiters for people when you think about it! Passengers must pay close attention when stepping on and off as ...

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Kids today – Lift Company

What were you doing when you were 11 years old? Playing football? Giving your Barbies a detailed back story? You were probably catching up with the latest Dexter’s Laboratory or Hey Arnold episodes. You know kids today; they seem a lot more grown up than we ever were at that age. Whilst we were collecting pogs and Pokémon cards and playing out until our Mum’s shouted us in for tea, kids today are going through break ups and they have ...

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