Would you want a deathtrap lift installed in your building? – Lift Company

Yes that’s a serious question! The paternoster lift is a special kind of lift that has no doors and moves up and down the building shaft on a continuous loop. Named after the Lord’s Prayer, you can only fit one or two passengers inside each cabin and they’re thought to be highly efficient; if not dangerous. Paternoster lifts are kind of dumbwaiters for people when you think about it! Passengers must pay close attention when stepping on and off as ...

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Kids today – Lift Company

What were you doing when you were 11 years old? Playing football? Giving your Barbies a detailed back story? You were probably catching up with the latest Dexter’s Laboratory or Hey Arnold episodes. You know kids today; they seem a lot more grown up than we ever were at that age. Whilst we were collecting pogs and Pokémon cards and playing out until our Mum’s shouted us in for tea, kids today are going through break ups and they have ...

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Young trainees – Lift Company

Sheridan Lifts is always looking for new blood; people who are passionate about lifts to come and join our lift company and the younger the better! So we’re especially thrilled with the latest addition to the Sheridan Lifts family. Take a look at our newest recruit (they’re a little on the inexperienced side but we’ll whip them into shape!).

Lift Company

By now you’ll have ...

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A client CASE study – Lift Company

CASE is a charity in Hull who works with local people with learning disabilities and their families towards creating better life opportunities, by developing their independence and by learning new skills so that they can actively contribute in the community.

Platform Lift Installation

In 2012, they started a full refurbishment of their Centre of Excellence, renovating both the interior and exterior of the building. CASE ...

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Need a lift?

When you see an image like the one below, you could be forgiven for thinking it was something that could only be found in a fictional action film. Admittedly it does look like something Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne would have in their estate but in fact, car lifts are more common than you think.

Car Lifts

Car lifts are the revolutionary method of transporting ...

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Beam me up to the second level Scotty!

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we have been installing disabled lifts in people’s homes for a number of years now. As a lift company, we think it’s important that people have the freedom to move about their home as they wish, even if they are physically unable to keep up with the demand that it puts on their body. As we get older, we all have a little trouble getting around as well as we did when we were 25 years ...

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New York, New York

Lift rides can be at best boring, and at worst awkward. But is there anything that could make lift rides more enjoyable? Well as a lift company we thought we’d have a browse on the web and we found a pretty cool idea that is being put into action at the One World Trade Center in New York.


The new observatory is set to open atop the One World Trade Center on May 29, but the lift ride up will offer ...

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Going down?

As an established lift company, we thought we’d heard every story relating to lifts and we’ve definitely heard of people getting a little frisky in a lift from time to time, however, we’ve never seen a lift being blamed for a person’s lack of libido – until now.

A woman in Australia is suing her luxury apartment complex and lift company for loss of “sexual adventurism”, “libido” and for “sexual discomfort and impairment” after she was injured when a lift in ...

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Mad lifts

Mad lifts

In our day-to-day lives we may not pay much attention to lifts, I mean, being a lift company, we do but we don’t expect you to, just knowing if a lift is working or not is all you need to know really. However, if you’re a fan of 60’s set TV show Mad Men, you may be more inclined to savour elevator rides. In Mad Men, dozens of key scenes on the ad-agency series have played out on elevators. In ...

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Sheridan Lifts are proud to announce the expansion of the lift maintenance division, with the appointment of Nick Miliopoulos to the role of National Service Sales Manager.

Nick joins the company with a proven track record of providing customers of all sizes with an excellent service, and is excited about joining Manchester’s fastest growing lift company.

Nick had this to say “I am delighted to join a progressive, forward thinking company, who ...

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