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Sheridan Lifts to install new lifts for North Manchester General Hospital

Great news, we have been appointed to supply and install new bed lifts for the new development at the North Manchester General hospital.

As a Manchester based company we are more than delighted.

Specifically designed for hospitals, the new lifts are part of the new development by carefoot construction. As reported in the Manchester Evening ...

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Sheridan Lifts in Schindler Lifts out

                                Sheridan Lifts in Schindler Lifts out

glass doors

Sheridan Lifts supply and install new lifts across the UK

But we could not get an installation any nearer to our offices in Manchester.

Tyco International is part of the ADT Group and Just a stone’s throw from our offices.

Sheridan’s won the tender to remove a Schindler 2 car group and replace with a modern energy efficient lifts from Sheridan’s That are ...

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Hotel lifts stepping up a gear

Stepping into a lift is probably something we all do frequently, probably without much thought. And why would we? The majority of lifts are just, plain metal boxes which we stand in for a few minutes whilst they take us to a place we actually want to be. With the mundane background music and minimal art, lifts usually don’t offer up much other than an alternative to the stairs.

However, there are some recent hotel lift installations that are really raising ...

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A Roaring Success

Did you know that back in the heyday of Rome’s Colosseum gladiator fights that they actually used elevators to transport the lions into the arena ahead of the fights! There were 24 original elevators used at the Colosseum that were all manually-operated during the 1st and 3rd centuries AD to transport lions and other animals including leopards, bears, wolves, ostriches and deer! They certainly had a strange idea of entertainment didn’t they? Well, now after a 15 month restoration project, ...

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A peek inside the secret world of lifts

We’d often like to be a fly on the wall on some of the lift installations we have completed – what can we say, we’re nosey! It would be great to see the kinds of people that step in and out of our lifts and the goings on that happen between floors.

It was recently the annual Met Gala which reminded us of a particular lift incident that we wish we could have witnessed first-hand. Don’t know what we’re talking about? ...

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Chris Chadwick joined Sheridan Lifts during the summer of 2011, with little experience in the work-place, and lacking any clear direction as to where he wanted his career to go.

What Chris lacked in experience, he more than made up for with his desire, enthusiasm passion, and commitment to learn. He displayed many attributes and tremendous potential that any potential employer would find beneficial.

Anthony Sheridan, Commercial Director ...

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