Your Lift Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance is the easiest way you can ensure your lift systems have a long lifespan. These checks cost you nothing except a small amount of your time each week. To help you compact your lift maintenance we have developed a checklist, so you can ensure your lift is in full working order:

Daily Inspections

As well as your assigned weekly and monthly checks it is always advised to run a quick lift check before operation starts every day. A quick once ...

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Basic Safety Equipment All Lifts Should Have

Lift safety is at the forefront of every new design process. Companies are always looking for new and innovative ways to make lift systems more efficient and safer than ever before. As well as developing cutting edge technology and finding ways of maintaining lifts that is quicker and more efficient than before, lift companies must also ensure that all their systems are fitted with standard safety equipment that is required by law.

Some safety equipment comes as standard in all elevators ...

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Kellogg’s – A case study

Snap, crackle, pop and lift!

This week Sheridan Lifts have visited one of their biggest sites, Kellogg’s factory. That’s home to the popular cereals we all know and love today.

The factory is a special place kitted wall to wall with some of the most precious Kellogg’s relics through the decades. From the first printed ads to the latest Tony-Tiger endorsements inside is a nostalgic museum, nodding to every decade of your childhood, and even your children’s childhood too!

From t-shirts, to wall ...

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Guidelines On Modernising An Existing Lift

As our city spaces become more condensed, the need for vertical lift travel becomes more and more necessary. Lifts exist in most tall buildings today; the heavy day-to-day use of these systems means that wear and tear is unfortunately inevitable.

Lifts have been installed in building for decades now. Although most existing lifts were installed to the level of technology of the time, rapid advancements in technology means some of these systems are now outdated. As long as existing lifts are ...

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Breaking The Limits Of Lift Design

If you’ve been lucky enough to travel to the top of London’s tallest skyscraper the Shard, then you may have been surprised to have had to change elevators in order to make it all the way to the top. This transfer floor, or “Sky Lobby” as it’s more commonly known, is a necessary inconvenience for anyone wishing to reach the summit of the building and enjoy the panoramic views of London city.

But why is it the case, that even in ...

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Most Common Lift and Escalator Accidents

Lifts are a highly useful part of everyday life. When used properly, elevators are a safe and easy way to travel between floors; however, there are some risks involved with using lifts and escalators.

Nearly 10,000 people require a trip to A&E each year due to accidents involving lifts and escalators. Knowing the risks, and what to look out for can help keep us and our children safe from harm:

  1. Falls: The most dangerous, and most likely cause of death involving falls ...
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Unique Elevator Designs: Part 2

Lifts in the UK very rarely vary by design. But across the rest of the world engineers have been getting creative on how they design elevators. You wouldn’t think there wasn’t much room for variety on a box that travels up and down a shaft; but after flirting with imagination, engineers have created some truly fascinating lifts that have to be seen to be believed.

Let’s take a look at some more unique lift designs around the world:

Oregon Municipal Elevator

This unique ...

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The Future of Lift Maintenance

As we look to the future, the logistics surrounding elevator maintenance become more of a challenge. More and more companies are installing lift systems, and if one of them should fail, ever evolving obstacles are slowing the speed of repairs.

Inner city buildings pose a problem: If an elevator should break down, and current on-call engineers are otherwise engaged, big city traffic can delay call outs further.

So what can be done to overcome the problem of urban logistics?

One possible solution may ...

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How Do They Work?

Some of us use them every day, but do we actually know how they work? Elevators are a part of our daily lives, and were a vital part of history; as they allowed cities to expand vertically as well as horizontally. We owe a lot to elevators. So to honour one of the greatest inventions, let’s get to know them a little better.


Maybe the reason we know so little about the way an elevator works ...

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The Key Signs Of A Faulty Lift

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a broken lift. Picture yourself in a massive rush to get up to the office in time, only to end up waiting ages for the lift to arrive. You hurry inside, cramped in with everyone else, and let out an audible groan as the lift decides to break down half way through its journey. Not exactly an ideal situation, right?

This means it’s absolutely imperative for property owners to carry out regular maintenance checks ...

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