Get into the habit of lift maintenance

It sounds like the start of an old joke “two nuns in Rome enter a lift…” but there was nothing funny about this story that saw two poor nuns getting stuck in a lift, for three whole days, without food or water, in Rome. The women, a 68-year-old from New Zealand and a 58-year-old from Ireland, were visiting the Marist Sisters’ convent when an electrical fault trapped them inside the lift for an entire weekend. It was unfortunate that neither ...

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A brief encounter

What’s the most awkward lift encounter you’ve ever had? Was it maybe with a co-worker who you don’t get on with? A neighbour who you don‘t get on with? Or maybe even an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who you haven’t seen for a while?

For one man, his most awkward lift experience was probably when he robbed a poor 77-year-old woman of her handbag and then couldn’t get out of the lift. Very awkward indeed. Thankfully, the victim wasn’t harmed and even ...

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Could you really survive an elevator fall?

There are numerous sources of advice and tips on how to survive an elevator fall or accident, but are any of the guides actually accurate? We’ve all probably heard the little nugget of advice that, in the event of an elevator you are travelling in free-falling, you should jump up at the very last second before impact and you’ll be unharmed. But this has proven to be unhelpful advice as it doesn’t actually work (it was proven false on MythBusters!) ...

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Korea takes elevator safety very seriously

Have you ever been stuck in a lift? Not even necessarily for a long time, maybe a minute or two, or the doors failed to open on the first try? We use lifts so much these days, especially as our buildings just keep getting taller and taller, that it’s probably happened to most of us on more than one occasion. But did you ever report it if it was just a minor delay or the lift sorted itself out? Probably ...

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Sheridan Lifts win tender to provide new passenger lifts for New Bolton Council Offices

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected by Bolton Council to install a new passenger lift in their new state of the art office building.  The existing council building has recently carried out a full modernisation and is to be finalised with a complete replacement of the existing lift equipment. This is great news not only for Sheridan Lifts but for the local economy. We are a big believer, particularly in the public sector ...

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Going down?

As an established lift company, we thought we’d heard every story relating to lifts and we’ve definitely heard of people getting a little frisky in a lift from time to time, however, we’ve never seen a lift being blamed for a person’s lack of libido – until now.

A woman in Australia is suing her luxury apartment complex and lift company for loss of “sexual adventurism”, “libido” and for “sexual discomfort and impairment” after she was injured when a lift in ...

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It’s all downhill…

It’s all downhill…

We’re constantly preaching the necessity of lift maintenance for every type of lift. Whether you, as a building or a company, have platform lifts, dumbwaiter lifts or even a scissor lift, you need to ensure regular lift maintenance is carried out. This is because, over time, despite the quality of the lift installation and the lift itself, anything can happen to alter the efficacy and safety of the lift.

We read a pretty ironic story recently of a lift maintenance company ...

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Sheridans Lifts Towering above The Rest

Sheridan Lifts Win Contract to Replace Lifts in Newton Heath Tower Blocks

Manchester based Lift firm are delighted to announce themselves as the preferred Lift company to supply and install new lifts in a existing Tower block, in Newton Heath. This is particularly satisfying as Sheridan’s are probably the most recognised local Lift service company in Manchester employing local people.

The ...

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Sheridan Lifts are proud to announce the expansion of the lift maintenance division, with the appointment of Nick Miliopoulos to the role of National Service Sales Manager.

Nick joins the company with a proven track record of providing customers of all sizes with an excellent service, and is excited about joining Manchester’s fastest growing lift company.

Nick had this to say “I am delighted to join a progressive, forward thinking company, who ...

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Lift maintenance companies

Lift maintenance may not be the most appealing topic for companies to have at the forefront of their minds, but the importance of it cannot be underestimated by any corporation of any size if it wants to ensure the safety of their members of staff.

Problems with lifts are among one of the worst things that could go wrong for an office, as workers could find it impossible to make it to and from their desks, meaning productivity would be badly ...

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