Trusted lift repair

It may not be something we think about often, but lifts are a vital part of our social infrastructure. A huge amount of people depend on working passenger lifts for their freedom. If you aren’t so able bodied or are heading into your twilight years, access to a working lift is essential for their mobility.

The way people live these days, it’s not always possible for people with limited mobility or then elderly, aren’t able to reside in mobility friendly homes ...

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Get Serviced

Just like a car service, arranging servicing for your lifts may not seem a high priority. In the same way that your car keeps running, your lifts will probably continue to operate quite effectively even if you go past the date their service is due.

But that doesn’t mean that missing a service isn’t harmful. Regular lift services are essential to keep all the different moving parts working smoothly, as well as to check for any damage or wear and ...

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