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Tender wins for Sheridan Lifts & Sheridan Doors UK

Sheridan’s have won their individual tenders for Clippers Quay House in Salford.

Sheridan Lift services will be removing the old lifts and supplying and installing two new lift installations.

Sheridan Doors UK will be supplying new automatic glass doors to the front entrances

New fire doors will be fitted to the external exits of the building.

The lift & door companies operationally run separately. However, when are provided with a tender/specifications that requires lifts and ...

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A broken lift can have you feeling trapped – Lift Company

Many people depend on lifts for their mobility and freedom, especially older and disabled people who live in high rises or indeed any kind of building which has any number of stairs. So if a lift in a domestic building, or even a commercial building, breaks down it can leave a person literally trapped; unable to socialise, go to work or leave their homes. When a lift breaks down, which is disappointing but sometimes unavoidable, there needs to be a ...

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