Lift Service

new-pictureWhilst on his routine lift service, our lift engineer took this picture from inside a lift car. It is a typical goods/passenger lift.

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Lift Services


Lift Services with dedicated service schedules reduce the risk of entrapments.

All lifts should have a quality lift service schedules if you are to reduce the risk of being trapped in them. As well as good housekeeping and health & safety requirements, it provides peace of mind to the user. You would not drive your car until the red lights are on warning you to get your car serviced. Sheridan Lifts will provide you with a quality lift service. ...

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Never Take A Lift From A Stranger


Never take a Lift from a Stranger

We all remember being told not take lifts from strangers. A very good piece of advice that we should never forget. At Sheridan lifts we would advise that before you consider taking out | lift services | lift upgrade | Not checking the credentials of the lift service provider is playing Russian roulette. Sheridan lift services have been providing lift services for over ...

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Sheridans Lifts Towering above The Rest

Sheridan Lifts Win Contract to Replace Lifts in Newton Heath Tower Blocks

Manchester based Lift firm are delighted to announce themselves as the preferred Lift company to supply and install new lifts in a existing Tower block, in Newton Heath. This is particularly satisfying as Sheridan’s are probably the most recognised local Lift service company in Manchester employing local people.

The ...

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The importance of regular lift service and maintenance

2012 has certainly been a year to lift the nation, with the Queen’s diamond jubilee, Euro 2012 and the Olympics all adding to the excitement. The tourist authorities are expecting a massive influx of visitors to the UK, who will have just a few days or weeks in which to judge our country and how we run things. So lets make sure we make a good impression for visitors and potential investors alike, by making sure the UK is on ...

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Are you looking for the complete lift maintenance package?

Businesses searching for lift maintenance companies can be sure to find a solution to their problems by getting in touch with us here at Sheridan Lifts. We provide a wide range of products to suit your needs, whatever type of lift you are in need of for your firm, or whether you require maintenance of a lift that has already been installed.

From start to finish we offer the complete lift service. Look no ...

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Get Serviced

Just like a car service, arranging servicing for your lifts may not seem a high priority. In the same way that your car keeps running, your lifts will probably continue to operate quite effectively even if you go past the date their service is due.

But that doesn’t mean that missing a service isn’t harmful. Regular lift services are essential to keep all the different moving parts working smoothly, as well as to check for any damage or wear and tear ...

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