Lift Services


Lift Services with dedicated service schedules reduce the risk of entrapments.

All lifts should have a quality lift service schedules if you are to reduce the risk of being trapped in them. As well as good housekeeping and health & safety requirements, it provides peace of mind to the user. You would not drive your car until the red lights are on warning you to get your car serviced. Sheridan Lifts will provide you with a quality lift service. ...

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Sheridan Lifts are pleased to announce the addition of a new maintenance service, by popular demand of our existing client base.

The company, who have a long established tradition of maintenance of all types of lifts, have added the capability of maintaining all types of roller shutter doors to the services portfolio.

Anthony Sheridan took time to explain:

“Our roller shutter door service has been added at the request of our customers. It makes no sense ...

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“THE 1970’s”

“The 1970’s”

  • The average price of a house in the UK was just £5,000
  • Large side-burns were the latest hair design fashion (in some parts of Yorkshire it still is……)
  • Leeds United were the dominant force in English and European football, either winning a trophy or finishing runners up on no less than eleven occasions
  • You could enjoy a relaxing pint of the finest real ales in your local pub for just 10 pence
  • A packet of cigarettes cost on average just 30 ...
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“Keeping it in (and out of) the family………”

Keeping it in (and out of) the family……..

Sheridan Lifts are long established lift specialists, based in the North West, with regional offices in Birmingham and Essex.

For over 30 years Sheridan Lifts have been regarded as market leaders in the field of lift services, maintenance, repair, installation and modernisation, and as the company is set to announce further large-scale expansion plans, Anthony Sheridan took time to reflect:

“The business has grown and expanded by the quality of the personnel ...

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