Lifts Changing Lives – Platform Lift Installation

Small Lift – Big Difference

Sometimes a lift installation is a must. At Sheridan Lifts we are always on hand to assist with any installation required, from platform lift installation to wheelchair access lifts and everything in between.

Give a Kid a Lift

We were looking through the news searching for any industry related topics to write about in this week’s blog when we stumbled across such an inspiring and heart-warming story. In the U.S, ...

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A client CASE study – Lift Company

CASE is a charity in Hull who works with local people with learning disabilities and their families towards creating better life opportunities, by developing their independence and by learning new skills so that they can actively contribute in the community.

Platform Lift Installation

In 2012, they started a full refurbishment of their Centre of Excellence, renovating both the interior and exterior of the building. CASE ...

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