Do You Need A Passenger or Platform Lift?

Any business that operates in a building across multiple floors or spaces will consider the benefits of installing a lift in order to quickly and efficiently move people around. Lifts are also a vital addition to ensure access for those with impaired mobility issues.

We know that lifts are necessary if the building operates on a number of different floors, but platform lifts are also vital for a simple change in level where it is not possible to provide a ramp.

But ...

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The Tallest Lifts in The World: Hundred Dragons Elevator

We use lifts so often in modern society that we are just used to them being there. We use them without thought. If you live or work in a multi storey building you are probably used to using one every single day.

Lifts have come a long way since their inception. They can now be found in a number of different settings, including offices, garages and even waterways. Some of the individual designs have achieved some incredible feats; some are so ...

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How Much Will A Platform Lift Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no flat rate for having a platform lift installed, as each system must be designed specifically to fit each building. Buying a lift is a process of identifying the model, then adding options, before finally looking at the ongoing cost of ownership.

To assess how much a platform lift will realistically cost your business, we can split the costs in to two main categories; the cost of the lift itself, plus the cost of the building works required ...

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The Importance of Proper Lift Maintenance

Lifts are heralded as one of the safest means of mechanical transports thanks to the famously high health and safety standards lift companies operate by.

One of the main areas that keep lifts so safe and secure is the practice of perfecting lift maintenance through regular servicing. Not only does this keep users safe, it also prolongs the life of the elevators and reduces costly downtime.


Lift regulations are constantly evolving, and lift industries have to work hard to stay ahead of ...

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How does a platform lift work?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the mechanism for making a platform lift go up and down would be simple. The truth is actually far from simple. Platform lifts come in three main drive systems, each suited to different specifications, and each having their own individual advantages and disadvantages.

Modern platform lifts are operated using electronic controls which send signals to a central processor unit. This unit initiates the motors or pumps to move the platform between levels.

Hydraulic Drive System

For this ...

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Types of Platform Lifts Available

Platform lifts are one of the more unheard-of lift designs. In spite of this, the range of platform lifts out there is rather extensive. They come in all shapes and sizes and perform a number of different functions.
Each platform lift has different advantages depending on the environment it needs to be installed in, and the main function it needs to perform.
Here we’re going to break down the options available, so you can make an informed decision on the ...

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Sheridan lift services install New Lifts at Stay City Apartments.

The lifts are fitted in an iconic building in the Centre of Manchester. The building is located on the approach to Piccadilly station and is unique by its design.

Apartments and Hotels are being refurbished across the city as well new building being constructed.

Sheridan Lift services can provide the complete package including all building works.

Our lift has the option of steel structures. This can ...

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Sheridan | lift services | offer diverse types of maintenance arrangements.

Sheridan | lift services | offer diverse types of maintenance arrangements.


food-pictureOne type of maintenance schedule in particular that Sheridan lifts provide is the lift service to the food processing plants in the northwest.

Cleanliness is paramount to lift machinery as well as the types of lubricants specifically for food factory as set out in the HSE food hygiene guide lines

At Sheridan’s our ...

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Lift Service

new-pictureWhilst on his routine lift service, our lift engineer took this picture from inside a lift car. It is a typical goods/passenger lift.

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Are We on the Same Level?

Platform Lifts

Being wheelchair accessible is a must for buildings, unless they are Grade listed or another reason. One of the simplest ways to ensure that your building has adequate access for all is through platform lifts.

What’s so great about platform lifts is that you can install them in an existing building with relative ease. Unlike other kinds of lift installations, platform lifts do not mean major amendments and changes to your building; requiring only minimal disruption.

When you choose Sheridan Lifts ...

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