Fancy a makeover? We do!

That’s why we’re working hard behind the scenes of our web-pages to deliver to you a brand new website, complete with face lift and some exciting new features!

We wanted to create an experience rather than a landing page. Something that really translates who we are and what we’re about – yes – we’re family owned, yes we offer UK wide lift installation and services – but we really wanted to capture our character with a new website.

Did you know?

The majority ...

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We’ve a heart-warming story to share with you here at Sheridan Lifts

Maicey-Lou Hampson is only 9 years old and has already shown what a kind, selfless and charitable young girl she is by throwing herself into charity work. A couple of weeks ago, Maicey earned herself £5 pocket-money by cleaning her Aunt’s house. She immediately went to her mum, Adele, who works here at Sheridan Lifts, and asked how she could use this money to help raise money for people with cancer.

Overwhelmed by her daughter’s generosity, Adele helped her research which ...

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Don’t take your lifts for granted

We all take the lifts for granted in modern multi storey buildings. Unless we are on a fitness drive, most of us never even consider taking the stairs. We simply step into the lift and assume it will whisk us efficiently and safely up to the floor we want. But just stop for a moment and consider the chaos that would occur if your lifts were to stop working, even for a day. Staff would soon be exhausted from all ...

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