F&C Reit Asset Management

5608“I refer to the above and to our recent involvement at the Centre to install a new passenger lift and carry out
works to the adjacent lift and to duplex both these.

This was of course a tricky job despite the value of the works with site and management constraints as well
as a need for co-operation and coordination with STP Construction and the professional team.

I have of course now seen the completed lift works and am personally very pleased with these and consider
they present well and provide an extremely good ride and I am sure the visitors to the Centre will feel the
same as I do about them.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, John and Brian for your efforts on the project and your
approach to carrying these out in a professional manner.

Centre Management are aware of the need to retain Sheridan Lifts’ services for at least 12 months following
Practical Completion on l” November 2013. I believe you are in discussions with Graeme Skillen in relation
to the terms of the lift contract and if there are any concems regarding the completion of this please do let me
know as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you very much for your perseverance, effort and overall contribution on the above project
and I hope you and your colleagues have an equally successful 2014.”


F&C Reit Asset Management