2019 Projects – Whitfield Street, London

2019 is set to be a great year for us here at Sheridan Lifts and we already have some hugely exciting projects in the pipeline across numerous sectors. One such project for the healthcare industry is for our client The Doctors Laboratory at their Whitfield Street site in London.

Here, we have been commissioned to install 2 fully automated service lifts with automated conveyor belt system – a highly complex medical installation to ensure delivery of samples are distributed to the relevant floor of the building.

automatic dumbwaiter1

The service lift will look a little like this one

Samples are loaded into a tray which is placed onto a conveyor belt which in turn feeds into the lift. Each sample box features a barcode which is read by the lift’s reader along with information regarding what floor each sample is to be delivered to. This hugely efficient lift speeds up the testing process and involves human intervention only for loading and unloading purposes.

We have previously installed such a facility at a nearby site at Mabledon Place in London.

Commenting on the project, our Sales Director Nick Beetson said:

“These lifts will be absolutely imperative to the smooth and effective running of the business, ensuring reliable, safe and efficient transport of materials from floor to floor, with minimal human intervention required.

Our experience of having delivered automatic service lifts before to such high standards was key in us winning this piece of work, which our engineers are looking forward to getting started on next year”

The project also includes replacement of a passenger lift with UK manufactured controls and back painted glass to the interior. This bespoke made lift to suit the clients needs replaces an older, existing passenger lift.

Works are to be carried out in 2019.