5 of the best uplifting Christmas films

And no we weren’t just trying to crow bar the word lift into our headline just for the sake of it. OK, so maybe we were a little! Anyway, it’s almost Christmas (kind of) – yippee!

We reported last week the things were showing little signs of slowing down here at Sheridan Lifts, but we have been able to take a bit of time to “festive up” our offices here and we are now surrounded by lots of gorgeous decorations including large and mini Christmas trees to bring a bit of yuletide joy to proceedings.

We’ve also been thinking a bit about our Christmas television watching and scouring the Radio Times for this year’s offering. This led us to thinking about films and we’ve had some very strong opinions on which ones are the best and most uplifting!

In no particular order here was the consensus:

Home Alone (1990)
A Christmas film? Tick. Uplifting? Well I think so!
This is a cracking family movie for Christmas and one that many of us grew up with. Accidentally left at home over Christmas by his parents, Kevin McAllister has the time of his life in their absence and becomes the hero of the movie when he fends off two bungling burglars that turn up at the house to ransack the place. His superb homemade traps ensure much hilarity and several life threatening injuries (that we’ll gloss over!). The burglars are duly caught and Kevin is re-united with his family. There was a brilliant sequel and then further less brilliant sequels which are best left (home) alone! Best moments from the movie are below:

Elf (2003)
A Christmas film? In the extreme. Uplifting? How could it not be?
Will Ferrell’s career star turn is this heartwarming tale of Buddy the Elf who leaves the comfort of the North Pole to discover his true identity in the United States – and it also doubles as a love story. Being castigated by the elf community back home due to his size, Buddy initially receives a frosty reception when arrives in the US, seeking out his father – until meeting a girl and finding his niche as a toymaker. With several quotable lines from “Santa! I know him” to some hilarious scenes involving raccoons, revolving doors and singing along with the (unwitting) girl in the shower (!) Elf is one of the best Christmas movies there is!  View some of the funniest moments of the film below:

Miracle on 34th Street (1994 remake of the 1947 classic)
A Christmas film? Come on! Uplifting? Yes!
This lovely re-made tale is probably now considered a classic. The 90’s were brilliant for their Christmas movies so it’s no surprise to see another movie from that era make this list. Mara Wilson (aka Matilda) is the little girl desperate to convince the world that the man who has been imprisoned is actually who he says he is – Santa Claus. If you’ve never seen it, now is the perfect time to make a beeline and watch it! The scene with the little girl who is deaf will melt even the sternest of hearts. Watch that scene below:


Die Hard (1988)
A Christmas film? Well its set on Christmas Eve! Uplifting?
Made in 1988, Die Hard is many people’s favourite Christmas movie, despite not really being very Christmassey in its feel! John McClane is visiting his estranged wife and it’s a case of bad timing as a group of terrorists take over the high-rise building. John realises there’s only him that can save the hostages, and coincidentally he also happens to be wearing a rather fetching white vest. NB: Sheridan lifts have included this movie purely on the strength of the lift scene, which we can state definitely does contain some discrepancies! Watch it below:

Did you like our list? Did we miss any off?

Let us know in the comments below!